Interview with Samrath Gupta (CWinter Media)

I am Glad to introduce you with Samrath Gupta

Samrath Gupta Samrath Gupta is one of the Top and Reputed Internet Marketer of the Industry as well as Affiliate Manager at Cwinter Media. Samrath is a inspiration for many Young Entrepreneurs out there who are seeking to make money online or looking to setup their business empire. A regular poster on many forums, On Facebook Groups, etc…You can see the indepth knowledge Samrath has for this fast changing industry. Despite his age, He has already beaten many to the fact that he is making money online and enjoying freedom at the same time.

Hi, tell us about yourself, A little bit about your life and how you got into IM?

Hey KJ, Thanks for the Interview. Myself  Samrath Gupta (SAM) and I’m an Affiliate Manager At CWinter Media Ltd.

When my age was of playing games like Cricket, Football, etc.. I played with my laptop and Google. I had a deep desire to get everything in my life and my desire showed me the way of Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing and as a Result I’m HERE !

How long you have been in affiliate marketing? And how did you did get involved in affiliate marketing?

It’s been over 4+ years I’m in this Field and really loving it. As I stated above, I had a very deep desire to achieve everything in my life and fulfill all the needs of my family and my desire took me to a way which was unfamiliar as well as unknown for many people at that time. I used to hear that, People make money from their computers but never knew how the heck they do it. I learnt everything myself. I had nobody to TEACH ME or tell me what’s right and what’s wrong.

I did everything myself and built my own empire with my hard work.

What has been the biggest success in your life?


This is my Target of anything I do….

As far If we talk about my biggest success… It was when I made my First $ online. I was so much proud of myself, and so was my dad! It was my biggest success because Finally, I knew that I’ve cracked the Vault.

Have you ever felt like giving up affiliate marketing?

Honestly. Yes, When I was new to this World I made lots of mistakes and some of the mistakes were so dumb that you will Laugh like crazy on them…. When I was new, I joined many PTC’s(Paid To Click Sites) Who promised to pay $100/Click  and I used to click their ads everyday for 2-3 months but unfortunately I didn’t got a CENT L At That Time I thought all this is not for me. But you can’t learn bicycle without falling from it…. The same way I again stood up and this time things went well for me because I learnt from my failures.

How you see the future of affiliate marketing industry?

Well, All I would like to say that our Industry is growing and getting developed just the way any country develops.

Any Place you would like to recommend from where newbie’s can learn about affiliate marketing?

Well, For a newbie I’ll say his curiosity to learn Affiliate Marketing and Uncle Google is enough. We all know Google has every answers its all about how you ask him.

One of the finest example is itself..

But if you want some more places then consider visiting/joining places like

  • WarriorForum
  • MoneyMakerDiscussion (Must Join)
  • CPAFix
  • (My Blog)
  • StackthatMoney

What verticals is your Favorite and what is your favorite traffic source?

My fav verticals are Email/Zip submits and Dating. For dating offers PPC has worked wonders and for email/zip submits PPV has did a great job. The reason behind using PPC for Dating and PPV for Email/Zip submits is quite clear. We know PPV is a type of unwanted Ad and mostly people close it without even watching at it. If you promote an Email/Zip submit via PPV then if someone watches your ad he see’s that He just has to fill a one field to get an Ipad or whatever which attracts him as well as PPV is CHEAP!

Since for dating related offers they are quite long forms and PPC is suitable because this way people know on what they are clicking and possibly they will register 😉

What are your goals for 2012?                                           

My goal is to make CWinter Media the #1 choice of CPA marketers and we are working on it Non-Stop! CWinter Media isn’t just another ordinary CPA network! We’re totally different from others in all terms and you will notice it yourself by the time.

 Tell us about your network C Winter Media and what you do over there?

CwinterMedia. We are a full service online advertising agency and network with a strong focus on lead generation and affiliate marketing. Cwinter Media has been in the space since 2009.  We work direct with nearly 100 advertisers to generate a lead or sale on a performance basis.

We have many top converting offers, and we are adding new offers daily!  Downloads, mobile contents, Incentives, Email submits and lots more.. You name it we probably have it! We are always looking to bring on new, high quality publishers.

We look to setup a long lasting relationship with our affiliates and to obtain this relationship we are willing to go to any edge!

I recruit, manage and help affiliates to perform better, clear their issues, Support them when they need, Spot the Fraudsters(They Think They Are Only Smart) I stay in touch with my Affiliates and give the BEST support then anyone else !

What type of traffic sources prove best for you and what type of offers are working well on your network?

Well, I’ve seen that PPC and PPV traffic is making a killing for our affiliates and they are making $$$$ from it! Email/Zip Submits, Dating and Downloads are some top converting verticals in our network!

Do you have any exclusive offers which other networks do not have?

We’ve lots of exclusives as well as we have over 600+ offers in our basket. We have many top converting offers, and we are adding new offers daily!  Downloads, mobile contents, Incentives, Email submits and lots more.. You name it we probably have it!

What affiliate platforms you are using?

At the moment we are using Hasoffers because of its Ease for our Affiliates as well as impressive and decent design and looks. We have plans to setup our own In House platform soon.

What is your payment Frequency? Anything you want to add about publisher payments?

We payout every month on a NET 30 basis with possibilities of quicker payouts/wires etc with good performance.

Tell us about your affiliates support? What they can expect from you?

Well… All I would like to say.. We offer the BEST Affiliate support in the industry. We’re available via Skype, Email, Phone, AIM, etc…. As well as I’ve given my PERSONAL MOBILE NUMBER to my affs(Viewable in Aff’s account). My affs can call me anytime weather its Day or Night. Even If I’m sleeping just call me and I’ll definitely help you at the Moment. I’m also available on the weekends just to help my affiliates and help them make more and more money.

Do you have any message for affiliates who want to apply in your network? Do you accept newbie’s? What are your special requirements which a marketer should fulfill to get in your network?

Feel free to join us. We welcome every affiliate with open arms. We seek for loyal affiliates as well as believe in maintaining a relationship with our affiliates.  However we are very picky in accepting newbie’s but if you are a newbie but have a solid marketing strategy then we would like to listen from you and probably would like to work with you. We don’t have any specific requirement Just we want you to be HONEST and LOYAL with us that’s it

Interview with Samrath Gupta (CWinter Media)

I would like to thank Samrath for taking time out of his busy schedule and  sharing his thoughts KJ

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