Rewind through a year of performance at BitterStrawberry

BitterStrawberry - 2017 in Review
2017 in Review

Now that we started the new year, we began to think about what 2017 actually meant to us, BitterStrawberry

. The season of performance reviews began and it’s time to rewind through the last year.

In 2017 we’ve been through lots of changes and improvements and we developed new AI tech tools that kept us at the top also in 2017. We even surprised ourselves when looking at just how much has happened in the last 12 months at BitterStrawberry.

It was an interesting and pivotal year and the short version of it is that we’ve increasingly focused on setting new standards and measurable results, inspired by technology.

The year began with the development of new revolutionary technology tools that will improve the whole domain of affiliate marketing, regardless if we are talking about publishers, advertisers or networks. In less than 12 months we launched:

  • A MarketPlace with over 14.000 original pre-tested, exclusive offers
  • A new revolutionary way of monetizing mobile traffic, The HybridLink
  • A unique fully-customizable solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence that will help you analyze your media buying data and target your most profitable users with free in-depth tracking and stats: The Performance Tracker.

Unlike conventional affiliate trackers & performance marketing solutions, is designed to end repetitive tasks and illogical flows and instead focus on maximizing the affiliate marketer’s earnings from every click.

Beside these 3 products, we developed and lunched two new and improved apps for publishers, and advertisers that will keep them updated along the way, helping them check their campaigns easier than ever. We have few other projects brewing, some of which will DRASTICALLY increase the efficiency of ad purchasing for the publisher.

Also, this year we rebranded for the tech era, with a new voice, a sleek, modern logo and a zingy new site with a premium design. We didn’t change just the look, we changed the whole experience!

We attended over 23 conferences where we extended our network with affiliates, affiliate managers, advertisers and agencies. We discovered solution providers, plus dozens of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from marketing experts.

We’ve been to Webmaster Access, held in Amsterdam, where we identified potential customers and we made some great friends that in the future could be very valuable to us. We attended the Dmexco Conference in Koln, the global meeting point for digital economy. We took the game to the next level and met some of the most famous names in marketing, at the Moscow Affiliate Conference. We experienced Marbella and made the most out of World Telemedia. We’ve been to the best technology conference in the world in Lisbon, we met the biggest international and Spanish brands, advertisers and publishers at Madrid Mobile Summit and we attended Affiliate World Asia and Affiliate World Berlin, where we brushed shoulders with the best and most insightful business founders.

As for our key performance indicators from our affiliate marketing efforts this year, here’s what one year looks at a Premium Mobile Performance Network in numbers:

Bitter Strawberry 2017 performance
Bitter Strawberry 2017 performance stats

– clicks 14.235.839.382 

Managers always want more clicks from the affiliate channel. But the quality of clicks matters. Significant increases, especially if they are well-targeted like ours, could lead to big conversion rates. Decreases might mean a good affiliate has left the program. Top performers from our market of over 14000 direct offers are bringing in clicks by the millions. Affiliates can identify new and exclusive offers automatically, filtering by vertical, country, business model, conversion flows and more.

– sales 26,183.900 

This is the net revenue generated by our affiliate channel after deducting affiliate commissions. Average order value can impact net sales if affiliates focus on low-priced goods. Major variations in monthly net sales should be investigated and noted.

– new publishers 5833  

Recruiting never ends for an affiliate program. Some affiliates retire or give up promotions. Others are purchased by competitors and the original account becomes dormant. Managers should always be reaching out to new affiliates with various promotion models. We send enough recruiting pitches and most of them have been approved.

– new advertisers 1486

Our managers dived into analytics and determined the number of new advertisers being driven by the affiliate channel. Tracking pixels for many networks can report new customers as well, if the merchant’s cart and backend support it. In 2018, our recruitment team will find more niche content affiliates with audiences who have not been exposed to our exclusive offers. Our new advertisers received targeted traffic due to our multi-layer targeting: Vertical, Geo, City/Zip code, device, browser, language, carrier, time of day and operating system.

– offers we made 79,304 and over 20 verticals promoted

Because we like to be everywhere, and we have thousands of traffic sources worldwide on our platform, our partners have access to the best affiliate marketing verticals which were proven to work. They also have access to over 79.000 offers. Our sales team ensures we provide the best non-re-brokered offers.

Overall, we made solid progress last year and we’re not going to stop here. We’re moving into the future and we want to show you the way!

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