Click Cabin Sent me $10,000 cheque

EDIT : Please read complete article before joining Click Cabin , I do not recommend you to join such networks instead join some good reputable CPA  network .

Yes yes yes they are a great network who won`t hesitate pay you on hourly basis, hell on all other networks and their Payments terms Click Cabin FTW. Working with their affiliate manager vinod chouhan is a example for all other affiliate managers. Here are a few qualities because of which Click Cabin Beats any other network

  • Rapid payments to Publishers
  • Weekly Payments
  • The Biggest Paying Rewards Program in the Industry
  • Massive Ad Inventory ,Top Payouts and Lots of Exclusive Deals

Ok Ok i was kidding ……  As i have already written about such networks in my Fraudulent CPA Networks Exposed  post , Click cabin is another and fresh example  of networks which are just here to ripoff your traffic and your comissions.  All this started when i received email from linkedin  that some one with name vinod chouhan  Business Development Executive at Click Cabin Affiliate Network   has sent me message , saying

Hello kj,
Thanks of adding me in your connection list.
I am vinod chouhan handling Click Cabin Affiliate Network. I have gone through your profile and seems wonderful.I Hope we are doing great business together.Please share your contact details at [email protected] or add me on Skype by the name ———.

Sounds good i added him on skype and we have a little chit chat i get an idea how much he knows about this industry and how good their network is. Here is my conversation with him ,

click cabin network
How you works ?

OK so sounds Great as he was telling me reason i should join them as “Join us We are Click Cabin Affiliate Network and we are doing good in US ,UK and India And we are adding some affiliate who can work as a premium publishers because we wants to add some affiliates in our list through which we can only promote our offers And mostly we deal in direct offers we don’t take brokered and 3rd party offers.” After this i was royally impressed by him and decided to give him a try . So i joined with address as i shown in image below

click cabin network

And after going through offers i decided to apply for a offer and in offer description box i wrote i will promote this offer using Google adword  and submit application for approval and ping this genius  on skype. and he asks me “okay wait I have a question how you’ll track the lead if you are using google adword traffic?? because i think its equal to incent traffic?” See screenshot below.

Click Cabin Affiliate Network

I really love this guy  and i was and i am speechless after this , How such idiots even manage to get into this industry , Who even don`t know about traffic types , And the basic terms used on daily basis in this industry.

By the way after this conversation he decided not allow me to run this offer because i was gonna run this offer on google adwords which is incentive traffic and advertiser does n`t allow fraud LOL.

Anyways at the end About offers from direct advertisers yes they do deal directly with advertisers have a look , The affiliate links redirect to another affiliate network (yes he said they don`t broker offers ) .

click cabin


At the end i would like to advise all new affiliates to stay away from such affiliate networks and try to stick with only well known and reputable networks ….

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