Are you losing money because of redirection problems ?

Are you driving traffic using methods like S.E.O, article marketing, Facebook or YouTube etc ?Imagine how much money you are loosing just because of redirection problems ? for example , You are  promoting an Email submit offer on youtube  which accepts only USA traffic only.But you are  also getting clicks from UK , Canada and from other countries also . Just due to redirection problem can you imagine how many leads you are loosing ? What if you could re-direct USA traffic to US offers, and Canadian traffic to Canadian offers and British traffic to British offers ?

There is a website called which allows you to redirect your links to ccording to geo locations. it is very simple  to use and the best thing is that it is a great tool if you are not using any landing page.

It is a great tool even if you are split testing offers or you are doing JV with some one as if you place two redirects it will equally distribute clicks . I found this great tool once i bought some banner ads and i was also getting international traffic and was loosing great number of clicks per day so i searched around and found this great tool.

NOTE:IF you are getting World Wide traffic  don`t loose traffic from countries which have no offers at all instead use that traffic to get more views for your videos on you tube .

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