Best Method to promote CPA Offers For Free

How to promote CPA Offers for free is commonly asked question on all IM Forums you will find forums full of “best way to promote cpa offers” type questions. You will get many answers from different people. Who will advise you to create fan pages and promote CPA offers or create YouTube videos or dominate a website through SEO, No doubt these methods work but they do take time, and you will need some time to see some income coming in.

What method I always suggest and I literally started with as a CPA affiliate!! Before naming my own best way to promote cpa offers, let me make it clear don`t listen what other’s say. Maybe they failed in this method so they are bragging about it . but here is the secret “ use common sense “ communicate with people !!! Don`t be an idiot call center agent just trying to sell their product without knowing whether other person is interested in their product or not , Yes this happens I have been  an call center agent . “Be polite with people and help them in return get your sale “.  Read this line as much as you can. This is what works on yahoo answers, Now Uncle guru please don`t talk shit about yahoo answers. That worked for me and that can work for every one!!!

Oh KJ!!  you talk shit because answers get flagged as spam and I lose all my hard work.

Hold on

Who is asking you to spam? When someone posts a question saying   :

Is it possible to receive a free phone from one of those websites?

And you answer “hey all other websites are shit do click here and get phone for free “

NO!! You are wrong sire, why he should click on your website? Give any reason? Write a short description what such websites do and what your website does? Why people should not trust the, how was your experience with such websites and remember don`t try to be owner of website in your link instead be a user and write about your good experience with that website.  And yes one more thing don`t answer hundreds of questions from one account per day, create 5, 6 accounts and start answering and please don`t say account level`s matter.

Do I need to tell you more?  one last thing in my experience One valid yahoo answer`s value for me is $1..

Hope you will make good money out of yahoo answers if you didn`t give up.


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