How to promote CPA Offers for newbies

Most of the newbie’s in CPA marketing fail because they are always looking for shortcuts, a shortcut which can make them money and make them rich over a night. I always advise to newbie’s on warrior forum that there is no such way no such method which can make you rich over a night. If you want to get rich over a night, go and invest in forex but still there you can`t make money until you have enough experience. Prefer learning skills over learning methods, there is no shortcut or method which can make you thousands over a night, To Make money you need to learn skills which make you money. If you are running for methods instead of learning skills you will definitely fail. Being in CPA Market for one year and in Internet marketing for 5 years I have seen many people being scammed losing thousands of dollars.  Recently a fellow warrior contacted me on my skype as I was providing free coaching to some of my fellow warriors he told me that he lost $1000  to a scammer who was claiming to make people rich over night.

I would like to give you an example with a method.

Most of people would be familiar with yahoo groups , there is a method using which you join yahoo groups and after joining a group whenever someone posts a message in your joined yahoo group , You get an email notification  with email address of the sender of  message , Now what you need to do is to keep adding those email addresses in your contacts in yahoo mail , And after you have added enough people simply create a facebook account using your email address (with which you joined yahoo group) . and import all the contact into your facebook account and add them as your friends .  and promote offers to those people or make them like your fcebook page .

Fair enough so what’s disadvantage?

If you are a total newbie with zero skills, You don`t know which offer converts and which not , you don`t know how to make people click on your offer link no doubt you will fail .

This method is temporary as soon as facebook realized people are doing this stuff they put limits on importing contacts. My point is these methods are not long lasting, no guaranteed success.

Try To Be an internet Marketer instead of being a spammer.

promote cpa offers

What you need to know?

While promoting a CPA offer there are some important points which you should always keep in mind.

  • Know your Audience.

You should know what your targeted audience wants. Formula is know what your audience want , Get Grab  an offer which may attract them , provide them information about that specific product , and make them willing to buy that product/ signup for your offer.

  • Know your demographics

You should be aware of what are your targeted demographics, I mean if you are promoting Lonely Cheating Wives offer to teenagers from college, can you expect any leads? . Go to and put url of the offer page and  check Lifestyle  this will tell you what  people who are members of offer website like , Have a look at demographics   age of people who are most interested , Their gender, Household Income, Education Level, Ethnicity.  By know this you will come to know what type of people you want to target  .

  • Reach your targeted demographics

Now once you have selected an offer, Selected targeted demographics now comes how to reach your targeted demographics; you would have to figure out where you could find such type of people.

  • Traffic source

Once you have idea where you can find such type of people next step is to find a traffic source which can help you to reach your targeted demographics, There are free as well as Paid traffic methods also which can help you to reach your targeted demographics, if you are using paid traffic methods PPV ads is the best method to reach your targeted traffic  , that’s doesn’t mean you cannot make money using PPC and Media buying methods . I will write a separate article about all these types of traffic in coming days. You can also use free traffic methods , for example article marketing, squidoo lenses, facebook etc (will discuss in coming days)

  • Tracking, Testing and split testing CPA offers.

Once you get Selected your traffic source and got your campaign running you need to track, spilt test your offers. by this means tracking your profitable keywords, removing keywords with bad conversions , testing new ad copies and making your campaign profitable.

Let me know if you have any questions by posting comments in box below J

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