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PushGround Review 2023: Launch Your First Push Ad Campaign

Introduction : 

Pushground is one of the top push notification advertising platforms. According to their website, they have 1.3B daily impressions available on a daily basis, they have 3 million clicks. Pushground is a network which I used in many tutorial videos, and whenever I launch a campaign, there was not a single campaign where I didn’t get a single conversion. In fact, once I had a bet with my friend where we had to pick a random offer and get one conversion within 10 minutes. I chose Pushground and it did get conversion within the given time which resulted in winning the bet. 

What I Love About Them: 

Pushground has some outstanding features which are not available on other push networks for example. They have instant approvals for their campaign which means you don’t have to wait around for moderation.

One thing which I always look for in advertising networks is account managers and their dedication and coordination while running campaigns. The great thing about Pushground network is their support team. My account manager Gina is always a great help and is always ready to help and advice about campaigns. 

From my experience, the highest converting segment on push notification traffic is fresh subscribers who subscribed between 1-3 days. With Pushground they allow you to target users based on their freshness. 

The last but most important feature which I love about Pushground is their optimization feature. With a powerful Optimization tool available at your disposal you won’t have to pay any third-party service provider and you can optimize your campaigns within your advertising platform. 

The Plan

As always my first priority is to collect data and not actually worry about conversions as the more data you have the better results you can get. So here are a few things we will collect information about. 


The very first thing you need to do is to collect data about creatives you are using. With Pushground Advertising network you can split test 10 creatives at a time. I would advise starting with as many creatives as possible to can cross-test between images, headlines and descriptions. 

Device Type:

Another important thing I would highly suggest is to collect data about device types. There are many factors involved for example some offers are optimized for the specific type of devices and at the start, it is very important to determine which device type has a better conversion rate.

Operating System:

Operating systems vary from geo to geo and also they depend on the economic situation of the geo you are targeting. For example, in developing countries, you will find a massive difference between, IOS and Android. In Developed countries, you will find more IOS users as compared to Android users and in Developing countries, you will find more Android users. Interesting fact… In North America, there are 52.28% IOS users and 47.27 Android users. Here is the proper breakdown : 

 WorldWide Android 74.45% IOS 22.85%

Europe Android 70.91% IOS 27.95%

North America An 47.27% IOS 52.28%

China Android 73.67% IOS 24.79%

Network Type

Another important factor which varies from country to country and socio-economic conditions, Its important to gather mobile data vs wifi traffic data and optimize your campaigns accordingly. 


Another most important segment you should always consider. In some cases, conversion rates vary greatly on carriers/ISP, For example, most of in most of the Asian countries biggest carriers are government-owned and have the biggest userbase. Carrier selection can also help you segment your subscribers as well, for example, Premium ISPs/Carriers can indicate their subscribers have high purchase power (High-speed ISPs, Expensive packages indicate subscribers are spending money on quality services). 

Supply Id 

In PushGround supply ID is the feed id of the publisher, For example, this way you can segment different feeds and block those whose traffic is not converting for you. 

Site Id

Site ID is the website or placement, Basically, this allowed you to filter out bad publishers, sites and placements within a feed. Personally, I build my lists based on Supply ids and Site ids. 

User Freshness Group

No one offers this feature better than Pushground, they allow you to target with following freshness options 0-1 hours,1-2 hours,2-6 hours,6-12 hours,12 hours – 1 day,1-2 days,2-7 days,7-14 days,14-21 days,21-30 days,30-45 days,45-60 days,+60 days. This helps you to target the best possible subscribers who are most likely to convert for your offers.

Launching Your First Campaign With Pushground Network

Step 1:

Before we start here are the tracking tokens options available :


Once you have sorted your tracking link and postback URL the next step is to select your offer/campaign category (related to your offer) and traffic type.

Push ground Tracking Macros
Tracking Macros

Step 2 :

This step is simple and straight forward. You will have to choose if you want to auto-optimize creatives ( Pushground serves the best performing creatives automatically using their AI optimization).

In Formats, you have an option to choose between Inpage push or Push Notifications or both.

PushGround Advertising Formats
Advertising Formats

Step 3:

This step is very important as in this step you will have to create creatives for your campaign. As mentioned above its always recommended starting with 10 creatives.

Pro tips: Using Emoji’s and Macros {deviceName} {city} always help you with CTR.

PushGround Creatives
Creative Creation

Step 4:

In this step, you have to choose targeting options for your campaign all options are straightforward, you can target users based on Country, Region, City, Language, device, OS, network Type, Carrier, Browser, Android Versions, Device Names, dayparting, Time zone and Ip whitelist.

Push Notification Targeting Options
Push Notification Targeting Options

Step 5:

In this step, you will have to choose frequency capping, The ideal option is to choose 1:24h so that your ad is delivered only once every 24 hours to a single IP.

You are also allowed to add white/blacklists if you have them. ( Ask your account managers to help you get started)

The next setting is to select between Campaign Reach Filters (To Start and To Scale ).
To Start option is great when you are just starting out. to Scale is the option for those who already have proven offers and are looking to scale their campaigns.

Step 6:

This is an important step where you can choose user freshness ( I highly recommend user freshness between 1-3 days).

Also in this section, you have to choose your bids. You can have a look at their cocCPC Rates here:https://app.pushground.com/pricing, In my campaigns, I usually start my initial bids 25% above avg bid.

PushGround Review 2023: Launch Your First Push Ad Campaign
User freshness and Bidding

Step 7:

The final step is to create auto-optimization rules so that you can easily pause non-performing supplies, campaigns and site ids. Ideally, I would suggest setting optimization rules so that feed id is paused when it has spent 3X offer payout and has zero conversion.

Also, I would suggest additional rule which can pause site ids which have spent above offer payout and has zero conversions.

you can also set more auto-optimization rules based on ROI and conversions etc so that campaigns can be paused automatically if they are not converting or are non-profitable.

Auto optimization
Auto optimization


As I mentioned earlier Push ground is a network I can fully trust. They have some revolutionizing features which you won’t find anywhere else. it is the power of features like Auto Optimization, User freshness targeting, Easy creative testing and the large variety of tracking macros which make Push ground a very special and high-quality push advertising network.

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