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I always try to write and highlight about resources which can help CPA affiliates and specially newbies in CPA Marketing . I joined this forum beck in January 2012 and what i can see is that this forum is a great resource of information  for CPA affiliates , This forum is being run by Oliver Kenyon you may read more about him at Affpaying blog

During interview with when Oliver Kenyon was asked  :

Tell us a bit more about and what you do over there?

Oliver Kenyon explains  “ is a website i launched about 1 month ago, it’s an online forum solely dedicated to the CPA industry. The vision is to cater to every marketer on every level, from the new kids to the old experienced guys. We offer help and advice as well as affiliate network discussions, a marketplace, articles and interviews and much more.”

For newbies i would highly  recommend this forum as it covers almost every traffic method and traffic source from PPC , PPV, SEO, Email Marketing to offline marketing this forum covers everything you need to know about CPA Marketing,  Oh yes i forgot you can also find many experienced CPA affiliates like Tanner Vaughn who is also moderator of  a true media buyer (i already have wrote an article about his one on one CPA coaching program ) and Also luke peerfly who is affiliate manager  at peerfly moderating PPC section of the forum .

Final words:

This is a great community forum for CPA affiliates where you can learn about CPA Marketing and also ask questions about CPA Marketing  and i highly recommend this forum.

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