Do 7Search traffic convert ?

This is the most common question i get asked is: do 7search traffic convert ?. In my experience 7search traffic does convert but just like other traffic resources it does requires you to take in consideration many other factors also. 7Search allows direct linking but that does n`t means that it will convert well on direct linking . just like other PPC Network lets say adcentre to make 7search traffic convert you may need a landing page etc ..

I have promoted offers related to finance , Health and Beauty niche with proper landing pages and without a doubt i have got ROI which i could n`t get anywhere else Adcentre bit prices are way too high.

Now when i see people complaining about traffic quality on 7search  i notice that they are promoting nothing else but same offers as other noobs do on 7search. I have learned that who ever gets started with 7search his first campaign is about some apple offer ,Iphones, Macbook, Ipad blah blah ..

I tried to promote these offers too . But never got a positive ROI ,I think reason for that is competition , The higher competition  the tougher it will get to get conversions.

To get conversions first thing you will have to do is to don`t take it as simple as just throwing up a campaign and adding a bunch of keywords and wait for conversions , Instead do a  bit of research find some niches with no competition i have discussed full method in my WSO  link here,  and find niches which have no or very less  competition simply because more competition divides traffic and makes traffic cost way too high . If you have a look at people who are advertising on 7search for a while , Their ads link to their own landing pages and from there they do direct you to CPA offers etc.

My advise to you if you are going to use 7search is that do make sure you have minimum competition and do testing , Use landing pages and direct linking both then rotate your cpa offers and see which one got you  best results !!!

Have any questions or suggestions ? Please let me know through commenting below 🙂

P.S Do check out my WSO about 7search Traffic by clicking  here !

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