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Don`t know about you but i hate weekends as i am a workaholic and i get bored on weekends , So i dislike them so i decided to set Saturday for sharing all my failed campaigns with you guys , Every Saturday , One post , how does it feel?

Today`s campaign :Bearshare – Free Download

cpa campgain case study

I am a premium spotify user and when ever i have to pay £9.99 per month it sucks , Seriously when ever i have to pay for its recurring payment i do wish spotify was free , I even tried to look for any free solution sound cloud etc but nothing was as good as spotify, In fact while searching for service as good as spotify i signed up to almost every site and then it hit me , Every single spotify user feels same like me rite ? They hate paying monthly recurring fee , At least if provided they will be surely interested in free solution from where they can get free music , on their computers,Tablets and phones .

SO i ended up searching all affiliate networks and found this offer on maxbounty , What i liked most in this offer ?  Offer landing pages as you can see on right side of this post , the first landing page is a very simple landing page with a very clear call to action button the cpa campaign case study other Landing page is another example of a very clean and simple landing page with a very clear call to action and it tends to engage more people due to having search button over it , that is something which can really help to gain more conversions and CTR ! I used direct linking with these landing pages a they fit perfectly in pop up Window (to preview i use CPVDen preview poper  .

Targets :

For targets i used websites similar to Spotify which i found using AFFPLAYBOOK Tools as i always use and also recommend you to use them to find targets.


This campaign actually was n`t a fail and only i am sharing it on Fail Saturday is because it was taken off from maxbounty while i was testing it , It is still available on many other networks ( which i don`t work with ) and i already have enough in my plate and i  was working on more better campaigns then this one so it was a fail in a way that i had collected all data enough to make it profitable but offer was taken off from network .

Now comes Spicy stuff (i know you guys love stats)

CPA Network :MaxBounty
Traffic Network :Lead Impact
Reason of failure :Offer Taken Down
Total Spent :$75.15
lead impact case study
lead impact Stats
Total Earned :$50.40
cpa offer case study
Earnings stats

Conclusion :

I know its possible to turn this campaign into successful one only one minor change (asking my AM for pay bump could have turned this campaign into profitable one but it was pulled off from network as i already stated also by testing i was able to filter some really  good converting targets  ,You guys can still give it a go and easily turn it into a profitable one .

Let me know about your thoughts …

P.S Do check out Fail Campaign Friday posts on Mike Chiasson blog he got some really good stuff there .

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