Fail Saturday-LibreOffice

Today’s post is about Libre Office office from Never Blue Network which I ran on PPV Network .

Offer : Libre Office is a  free, open source, office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more! Offer converts when user downloads software. paying  $ 1.40 per lead .

Landing page preview : favdownloads . com/download/Utilities/Utility/LibreOffice

So why i picked  LibreOffice ? All of us do love to save money, Now matter by what means and how much, We just do is our natures, in our daily life we are always looking for discount coupons when ever we are buying something  our first priority is to find a discount coupon or something no matter it saves us a few bucks or hundreds of bucks , Basically its out nature that we want to spend less and get more , Let me give you an example , When you are buying a hosting account ,don’t you look for coupon codes ? In fact coupons and discount offers are the best way to generate more sales. Personally i use Name Cheap to buy domains and try me i end up buying at least 2 domains every month , I  just can’t resist no matter i use domain or not i always  avail their discount offers and buy their products .

Now coming back to Libre Office and applying same savings idea to this offer,  whats the biggest advantage this offer provides to users ? Its free of cost , Now how about targeting a person buying Microsoft Office for $149.99 and offer them Libre Office  for free ? That’s what i did i targeted only Microsoft Office buyers using PPV and direct linking as landing page of this offer is pretty solid with a good call to action , But unfortunately it did n’t turned out well and more then that i was’nt able to get high volume traffic for this offer which lead me to dump this campaign here are the stats for those of you who are interested ,

total spend : $36.18

Total earned:13.30

Profit :-22.88

ppv campgain keywords
Keyword performance
Leadimpact campaign
Total spent on leadimpact
Never Blue earnings

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