cpa marleting budget

Financial Problems and newbie affiliates

cpa marketing budget

CPA Marketing or Affiliate marketing is considered as one of the best ways to make money online, and it really is the best way. It is also a business model, which you can use to make a living working from home, without being answerable to anyone, or following a 9 to 5 routine. That`s why it is a big attraction for new people who are looking to make money online.. In fact it was the business model which made me what I am today and that’s what I am now known for. A few years back, I was dying to get any kind of job or up for anything as long as it could pay me something between RS 2500- 7000 which makes hardly 25 to 70 dollars. There was a time I was doing two jobs one as a website developer, a 6 hour job and I wasn’t paid a single dime screw you CNI UK and Abid Kazmi  and another; I was also working for a call center for 2500 Pakistani rupees where I had to make calls for almost 8 hours. I needed money desperately at the time to support my education, and later to support my family. Nothing else but the Internet was the source which made me money and made me stand on my own feet (I have written about it in detail in my article From zero to Dubai life – Journey of an enterpurner.)

Let’s get back to the subject of today`s post instead of boring you with what I did and how. However, I would like to tell you why I am repeating all this again. The reason being that I almost, if not every day, or every week, get contacted by people who are in financial trouble and want to get out of it and more than that, those who have lost their wealth on buying all the courses (specially WSOs about how to make money), and courses related to CPA Marketing. Now those same people are struggling to pay even their bills and there are many people who actually (without informing their parents or family members) HAVE lost money on buying all these courses and now they are finding it hard to hide their secrets, and by some means want to earn what they have lost.

There are many cases where a few people when they find all these shiny products and make $1000 a day formulas, Borrow money from their friends and family members on promise that they will return with profit and those in developed countries, Use their credit cards and start spending money on courses and WSO`s like water … I am not saying that these courses are a waste of money, i personally have learned a lot from these courses, a few i would like to mention are; the ones released by Kenster and Traffic Black Book, they have taught me a lot of things i never knew. I also have a PPV course which i am selling on warrior forum.
The biggest problem with the majority of people who have such problems, is they don’t know how and where to spend money, they’re greedy. Let me tell you, without a doubt, CPA Marketing will make you tons of money but it will take time. It’s just like any other real life business, just like opening a new coffee shop. You won’t make thousands in profit from day one… It will take time for you to get regular and loyal customers, if you are expecting to make $1000 on day one, just because you have invested $1000 on your coffee shop setup, You are wrong. You will have to build a reputation and standards, you will only get customers when people around you will know that you have opened a shop with good standards. Which might take months. If you don’t know how to make coffee, you will lose customers till the day you become a master at making coffee. The same applies with affiliate marketing, before you start making money you will have to learn how to drive traffic, and to do that you will have to invest some money. How much you will have to invest depends on you. How early you can pick up things and learn the ropes? If you are a quick learner you will do it easily, if not, you will take some time.

Now this is where people suck. When you have borrowed money from someone, obviously you won`t tell them “I am borrowing money off you so I can learn how to drive traffic”. Instead, you will give them a time and say ” I will return you, “X” amount on “X” date”. Once you land in the reality world you will realize it’s not that easy as you were thinking. Credit goes to you and your Push Button guru`s who tell you all these formula`s to make a few buck sales and then you are stuck. The same happens with those having Credit Cards in their hands and that’s one of the reason I still don’t use or own a credit card (Biggest reason is horror stories about people Banks and  credit cards in Dubai) , I only buy those things and products which I can afford by upfront payment in full. Even before that, I make sure that before making a purchase I have enough money in my accounts to cover other things. The Push Button Guru`s are experts at this. Once you make a purchase they will show you another Shiny Golden Egg Product without which you can`t survive and here you go; you will make another purchase and once you implement those ideas and methods, As you haven’t tried them before, so you fail. Soon you will give up and move on to next shiny product and expect money to fall from the sky.  And at the end when you have bills in hands or someone knocking on your door to collect money you owe them, you will try to escape that situation in every possible way, but there will be no escape when you are 0.

How to avoid these problems

Now here are a few tips which can help you to avoid such problems

  • If you are in need of quick cash better face reality and find yourself a job.
  • Consider building backup amount before entering into online ventures.
  • Make a proper SWOT analysis plan.
  • If you are short on cash start with free traffic methods and than once you have enough cash (at least $2500 to be safe , start playing with paid traffic if you have no prior experience at all.)
  • Find some alternative income source (freelancing,job or anything ) using which you can generate enough cash which can bare your advertising and learning expenses.
  • Learn Patience , Stick to one thing instead of jumping from one traffic source to another or jumping from one business model to another.
  • Stop looking for shortcuts and make a commitment with yourself that you will make it happen and won`t give up , If you have taken action don`t loose hope and keep doing what you are doing.
  • try to gain as much experience as possible.
  • Know your traffic source and the tools you are using.(Many people even don`t know how to setup a link and they jump into paid traffic and loose money by making foolish mistakes.
  • Never loose hope, Work hard and you will achieve success.
  • When buying a course or a product make sure you know who is selling it and make sure you do research about the person who is releasing it , Know if he is making living off selling courses every month or he actually does what he preach.
  • Get rid of financial dependency, If you borrow money from anyone that will create a huge pressure on your mind and you will be afraid of loosing money which will have negative impact on you and your campaigns and you wont be able to make it.
  • Know your traffic source, Know what you are doing and know what you are promoting.

P.S.  Purpose of this post is not to discourage anyone or keep them away from Affiliate/CPA Marketing, It is not necessary to have a fat wallet in order to succeed online as there are many ways to generate free traffic and even with paid traffic those who know what they are doing can easily make campaigns successful by investing very small amounts of money. However if you are starting from scratch without knowing what you are doing and where you are spending money its better to learn and educate yourself first and than enter into paid traffic world.

Let me know if you agree with me or not and also let me know the reason by making comment below..

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