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How To Start Affiliate Marketing When You Have Nothing To Invest

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I get contacted by many people who don`t have enough budget to bare expenses required to start affiliate marketing. I myself started CPA Marketing with no investment and by using free methods. First of all, you have to understand that affiliate marketing business is a flexible business. You don’t need to invest any kind of capital for this business. However, you have to understand that it will become easier for you to succeed in this business if you’re willing to invest few dollars in this business for example starting out with a Host Gator shared hosting Baby plan and a domain from Name Cheap won`t cost you hundreds of dollars and is advisable as it gives you more control over your content and blog/landing page. But, if you don’t have anything to invest as a starter, a good way to start earning affiliate commissions is by using completely free methods of affiliate marketing. Here are 5 things that you should do to start affiliate marketing when you have nothing to invest:

1. Use Established Content Platform.

Websites like Squidoo and HubPages have built-in modules to promote affiliate offers. You may also promote amazon (works great with squidoo). Instead of building your own website and try to promote affiliate products in your website, you can use these platforms to boost the process. For a quick start, you can use these websites to start promoting affiliate products that you like to promote.

2. Build a Content-Rich Free Blog.

Using free blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress will help you to build a good landing page at zero cost. What you need to do is to register a free blog at Blogger and WordPress, and make it content-rich. Educate your visitors with information related to the product that you promote. Then, create a page, within your blog, that is dedicated to promote your affiliate product. This is the best way to pre-sell your visitors.

3. Promote Your Landing Page Via Free Methods.

Now that you’ve built a good landing page with free blogging platform, you should start driving traffic to your landing page. There are many methods that you can use to drive traffic to your blog without spending a dime. You can use article marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, and so on. Choose the method that you like and leverage it as much as you can. You’ll start seeing traffic coming to your landing page that will actually convert into sales.

4. Start With The Easy Product.

For a start, don’t choose a difficult product to promote. Choose an easy product that you’re comfortable with. For instance, if you really like photography, you can promote best digital cameras from Amazon in your blog. You can also promote an ebook from Clickbank that will help your visitors to become a better photographer or how about reviewing different offers related to a niche from CPA Networks?  Start with the niche that you’re familiar with. You’ll grow up from there.

5. Keep On Building Your Landing Page.

Once you’ve done or feel satisfied in promoting one kind of affiliate product, you can move on to another project. Start again from scratch, with different product to promote. Keep on building your landing page, learn your mistakes, and improve your way of promotion. In this way, you will become more and more at ease in your promotion. Once the commission starts rolling in, you can invest your commission for the real affiliate marketing business that will help you to earn even better commission.

Those are some things that you should do to start your affiliate marketing business if you don’t have anything to invest on it. There are many ways to succeed on this business, and you don’t need to have a dime to start. Just follow the ways just described above and go up your way to become a successful affiliate marketer.

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