How to Start Affiliate Marketing with a Team

Hey guys It’s been a while since I posted on my blog , The reason is I have been busy with a few projects I am working on and I will post about them in coming days. So let’s come to today’s topic. Most of successful affiliates I have met so far who are making big number and making living by working as affiliates have one thing in common and that is they have their own team. You can make a few thousands of dollars working alone but i must admit that affiliate marketing space is getting so much competitive that to survive and keep your campaigns up and running it is a must to have your own team.

Now there could be different types for example more than one affiliates working together as partners or having your own team of employees / Freelancers working under you. The biggest benefit you get by having your own team is that you get people with different mindsets and expertise and when you plan a campaign you can get different opinions and suggestions which can really help you to improve your overall campaign building process. Be it creating landing pages, Marketing angles or targeting.  And it gives you more freedom and time allows to spend more free time.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with a Team

Building an Effective Team

Now this is the toughest part. Because you will have to surround yourself with people you can trust and can easily work with. The biggest problem in affiliate marketing is that most of affiliates fear sharing their ideas with other people and sometimes even this happens. For example when you hire someone and teach them everything or after they have learn how to do affiliate marketing from you they will run away and start affiliate marketing themselves. Or if you are working with another fellow affiliate and once you start building successful campaigns he will end the partnership and start doing everything by his own. No one can stop such things however if you are in affiliate marketing you should know how to deal with such situations and consider them as a part of the game and keep trying as finally you will find someone who you can trust and won’t turn you down when you are successful. Personally this happened many times with me when I hired people for myself and once I trained them and they learned the ropes they simply disappeared, however I always considered it as their own loss and moved on and for sure you will learn something new which you can use again to be successful. So here are a few tips I would like to share from my own experience, what I have learned so far…

Working as partners.

This type of team is best for those who are on a limited budget and can’t afford to hire their own team. In that case the best bet is to find other likeminded people and work with them. The first step in this type of partnership is to analyze your own abilities and skills and make a list of things which you have and also of those skills and abilities you lack in (For example you might be able to create amazing landing pages but can`t think of marketing angles and you are not good at knowing who to target etc.).  Once you have written down all your weaknesses and strengths the next step is to look for the people who can help you with your weaknesses. The best bet is to look out of forums which are specifically for affiliates for example  Stack That Money , Aff Playbook , Dojo and social media pages and groups. I mentioned paid forums because that is where I would be able to find the affiliates who are serious about affiliate marketing and are interested in making affiliate marketing work for them and that is why they are paying monthly membership fees.  One more thing when looking for your partners is that never ignore people because of their experience instead look at what abilities and skills they have and how they can actually help you and if they fill your needs or not. You might find many people who do have good skills but they are not successful because of the limited budget they have in their hands. One more thing you should keep in mind is that when you are doing partnership with someone make sure your goal is to build a long term partnership and be honest and transparent about everything. To start building trust you can start with small budget campaigns and slowly keep on increasing the budget this way you will be able to know that your partner is trust worthy or not.

TIP: Try finding like minded people who are in same region as you and you can meet them physically.

Hiring your own team

This type is more suitable for those who have enough budget to afford hiring their own team. You could simply hire freelancer on part time basis however i prefer to hire people on full time basis.  Now this type again depends on how much help you need and also depends on your affordability for example if you want anyone to only handle your landing page design jobs, or to do research, Manage your advertising campaigns on advertising networks or you want to hire entire team to manage everything for you. when you start hiring people for yourself this task can get very hectic as you will have to train your employees and explain to them how you want them to work and what you are doing. I like to make my employees sign employee non disclosure agreement. So that even if they leave you they are bound by law not to release your data info or use it. Another important thing is to share only those things which your employees are supposed to know over sharing info with your employees and freelancers will always cause problems. Once of the biggest question about hiring is payment terms. Personally paying fix salary to your employees always gives them more confidence as they have the assurance that they will be paid at the end of the month and also adding performance bonus motivates your employees to perform even better. Another great tip is to appreciate your employees when they show good performance is to send them some physical presents as it boosts their morale and keep them happy.  The best bet would be to hire people within your own region and however you can also hire some good and dedicated employees  from countries like Philippines and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars either to hire them on full time basis.
TIP: If you hire employees on remote positions make sure you use team monitoring software to make sure your employees are not wasting time on your expense.

You can use O Desk , , , to hire your own team.


The concept of one man’s army is slowly fading away with affiliate marketing industry evolving day by day and affiliates tuning into small companies / small startups and competition increasing everyday it is must to have your own team so that you can you can use your time effectively on what you are best at and using other peoples skills where they are the best. By making a team and partnering with other people who have skills which you don’t have, Can make affiliate marketing very easy for you and it can boost your learning process and you can achieve success more easily as instead of just one man trying to survive you will have a team of people who know what they are doing..

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