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I am a newbie please help me to make my first $

I am a newbie please help me to make my first $

Does this sounds familiar ? as my blog is totally focused on newbies so i try my best to bring some informative stuff for newbies . I have been constantly in contact with newbies since two month snow and my skype contact list is full of people who entred in CPA Marketing and vanished after losing 25 -50 bucks . it really pisses me off when some newbie enters in CPA Marketing and invests 25-30 bucks and expects $100 profit out of it .majority of the people want to see money in their CPA account as soon as they start driving traffic . Big guys on warrior forums keep on repeating test test test test … learn learn learn , but all newbies do is they just read that post and move to next one . For success in CPA there is a very simple formula for those who can understand

Take action , test , find winner offers and Scale them

But unfortunately people just forget these basics points , i always stress on one point be an internet marketer instead of just being just an boring CPA Marketer. learn how to present offer to your  audience ,but most of guys always go for shortcuts.

When  a newbie will ask any question and an real marketer who is making real money will reply with honest reply that test it your self , that reply would not attract that newbie , but once a scammer pops in and offer him 100% guaranteed earnings that newbie will go mad and within 5 minutes he will have his hardly earned money in scammers paypal and what happens later i won`t go in detail just point is there is no shortcut .

Another thing, Newbies love to keep on jumping around methods in past months i had 20 total newbies in my skype contact and with in 4 days i covered each and everything which was enough for them to take action i mean i taught them how i started and what i was doing but believe me out of those 20 newbies only 3 took action and from those 3 one was the lady from London and i am glad that she took action and after two months she is making 1k per day . and other guy ran away after he was about to succeed he gave up the day he earned his first dollar  while he lost almost $1000 to an scammer and he was totally broke  and this post at warrior forum Newbies tip was the result of that anger , other guy is making 100 a day and still improving and am very glad about him too .

the summery of today`s post is just a simple message to newbies

If you don`t have patience never ever enter into  CPA 

Never expect that some one will come and make you money

Stick to one traffic source no matter you fail keep on trying until you succeed 

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