Importance of offer landing page

One of the aspect most of newbie affiliates forget to consider while choosing offer to promote using their traffic is offer landing page . No matter you are using  your own lander or you are direct linking or i framing . Offer`s own landing page is which affects  conversions rate . Not long few days back i forgot to check landing page of an offer and that mistake cost me huge amount of money .i was just curious why i suffered so heavy loss and i tested same traffic with similar  traffic source and bingo  one of the offer with best offer landing page its ROI is 300% . what i just did was tested some more offers with different landing pages and blown up more money on same campaign where i lost a lot of money and what i got in return was an killing offer with 300% ROI . these days in my posts i am stressing a lot on “testing”. And i would like to say testing costs to every one , but you get back each and every cent when you have found your winners 😀

Today’s message is again

 Test  Test  Test

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