Increase your ctr on facebook and plenty of fish ads

We all know that when using Facebook and pof images we use in our ads have  a very big role in success of an ad campaign. To gain high ctr you need to test different images but also to maintain that ctr you need to also keep on rotating different images(Specially on pof).

If you are facebook/pof advertiser i have a very useful tool to share with you .

A few days ago i was contacted by  Adam Tal creator of fb ads toolbox to check out his new tool. I Usually ignore such emails (people requesting to promote their shitty products ) but  this was something very useful for my users. After watching its video i was convinced to introduce this tool with you guys. So lets watching it in action


When i started using this tool, I found it very easy to use and its web based (saves you from lots of hassles) all you need to do is upload image and that`s it , I have created screenshot of my own picture i uploaded on this tool and here is what i got

fb ads toolbox

With in  a minute it created over 82 variations of my photo . Other than that it also has image creator feature too .

Another thing i have notices is that image variations, all of them are really proven to get you high ctr  just for example arrows pointing to your picture  and heart picture etc all of them are proven to get you high ctr and i myself have seen mini big dogs using same image variations .

Final words : If you are promoting your cpa marketing offers using Facebook ads or plenty of fish, You are really missing this tool and i would highly recommend you to use this tool, this tool is amazing ! Image in your ad is very important part of your campaign and if you are not split testing your images you are surely losing money ..

Check here to get fb ads toolbox

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