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Today I was lucky enough to get to interview Chad Hamzeh, creator of Traffic Blackbook a well known name in CPA Marketing . If you are starting out with paid traffic or want to get started with paid traffic Chad  is the person  you should learn from . He is the person who has tons of knowledge about paid traffic . and I hope this interview will help you to get stared with paid traffic .

Hi Chad, For those readers of ours who don`t know about you would you please tell us about how you started into online marketing and what?s your

I started marketing online back in June of 2009 and really it was kind of out of necessity. My wife and I were living in Thailand for a year, just fight training full time, living 10 minutes away from 4 different beaches, it was great. Up until then I’d been working a corporate type job and just wanted to pursue the fighting full time, so we took a risk and headed out.

I’d also operated a small web design studio for a few years on the side, so I was able to make some cash that way while in Thailand.

Around February of 2009, my dad ended up getting sick, diagnosed with stomach cancer actually.

So my wife and I made our way back to Canada in early June so he could live with us. At the time, I really didn’t want to go back to the cubicle job, but I had a mortgage, some debt, and a baby on the way. I needed to make some cash fast I figured, so wide-eyed I just started studying lots about affiliate marketing and online marketing, and came across the forum PPC Coach, where I learned a good chunk about CPA and pay per click. My design and development background helped, and I was able to launch tons of adwords campaigns in my first month, around 130 or so. This helped me get over initial failures very quickly, and helped me get good at traffic and conversion right out of the gate.

You used to be a MMA fighter ? how did you get into online marketing?

Like I mentioned it was out of necessity. I’ve had 18 fights total. I sometimes think of fighting again, going at it hard again, we’ll see. The big thing is I like to have my own freedom, like most of us I’d imagine, so working for myself has always felt more natural for me. My brother is an entrepreneur, my dad was, most of my relatives are… I guess you could say it’s in my blood to work for myself.

How long did it take for you to be successful in internet marketing?

I grossed over 90K in my first 60 days of going really hard online. So I was able to find success very quickly, but I also suffered some good defeats after that which helped me come back stronger. I think I’ve done decent in various sectors for how little I’ve been in the game.

What traffic sources would you like to recommend to people who are just starting out?

I think it really depends on what your offer is. I assume you’re asking from the perspective of a CPA marketer, so in that case, I personally feel that Plenty Of Fish is a great one, and for some niches Facebook as well. Facebook is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with from an approvals and compliance standpoint. The big thing that beginners seem to want is easy approvals, slack rules, volume, and a self serve platform. Plenty of Fish meets all 4 of those. And although they may not have the volume that Facebook does, you can still make a good chunk of change on POF.

One of the most frequently asked question by the people who are just starting out with paid traffic is what is the budget required to launch a successful CPA campaign? What budget do you recommend?

For a campaign it varies. Really this has always been a tricky question, and I say if you can set aside $500 just to start with, that would be where I’d start. The bare bare minimum would be $250, but really it’s going to be tough to get a lot of data with $250.

What do you think are the essentials to run a long term affiliate marketing business?

To run long term, ideally you can increase your margins some way. A simple way is to simply build a list of your own and nurture those leads to be worth more to you in the future. When you have your own asset of some sort, such as a list, you don’t have to rely on managing cash flow so strictly as you do when you’re just arbitraging traffic. You have more opportunities to monetize that list than if you’re just sending traffic direct to the offers.

What are your favorite traffic sources and why?

I personally like larger direct to site media buys the most. There are very few restrictions, you can get very cheap traffic, and they’re safe when you know what you’re doing. Lot’s of big sites out there can deliver well over a million impressions per day, and you’ll never really run out of sites to go direct with. Other than that, I’d say the Google Display Network. For affiliates it can be tricky, but if you’re promoting something Google is cool with (or you’re cloaking), the amount of quality traffic you can get is amazing, and they have fantastic tools for advertisers. Their remarketing tools are fantastic as well, and their reach is significant.

What is your opinion about future of CPA marketing and what are your thoughts on major CPA networks shutting down? Where do you see the cpa marketing in next coming years?

I think companies are always going to need leads, but the issue will arise as more and more bring their ad spend in house. I do some traffic generation for some big guys in a couple niches, and they don’t want to go to the CPA networks because for them, they have to worry about issues such as fraud, low quality leads, and even cash flow. Where as if they have a media buyer in house, it works better for everyone. I think for affiliates however, they’ll be able to promote for a while, but it isn’t necessarily the smartest and easiest play, so it’s important to know what you’re doing and understand that you’re playing with lower margins.

Tell us about your video series Traffic Blackbook and who should purchase it and why?

Traffic Blackbook is one of the more detailed and comprehensive courses on paid traffic and CPA marketing that you’ll find out there today. It’s been updated over the past few months and has helped a lot of people make a lot of money. There are tons of positive reviews about it, and people seem really happy with it. I think the main reason people enjoy it is because it goes into an amount of detail that most products simply overlook. I’m not sure if that’s because most product creators actually don’t do this stuff for a living, or that they have a tough time teaching, but that’s been the feedback I’ve received.

Any suggestions you want to give to people who are just starting out with CPA marketing?

Pick one traffic source and one vertical to work in first. Quit bouncing around from one thing to another, it’s very difficult to get any traction working that way. Stay focused, do your work daily, and understand that all you need to master in this game is traffic and conversions. You do that correctly, and you’ll rarely find yourself with money problems.

Thanks Chad! It`s been a real inspiration hearing from you!

Not a problem, I hope everyone got something out of this.

A big thanks to Chad for taking time out of his busy schedule for this interview and i would highly recommend readers to check out Chad`s TrafficBlackBook Course by clicking here !


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