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Interview with David from Affplaybook

Affplaybook is the only private forum i am member of and from the day i have joined it i never looked back , It is a great community of professional CPA affiliates led by David , I have already done a video review for affplaybook , AFF PLAYBOOK REVIEW Coupon included on my blog , Since i joined this forum i learned a lot from David , from his webminars , his threads and by talking with him . From a long time i wanted to do a interview with him for you guys , Finally today is the day and here , with out making you wait further i present you interview with David,

Hi David, for those readers of ours who don`t know about you would you please tell us about how you started into online marketing and what’s your background?
Sure! About 12 years ago I had a job doing computer network support for a large retail chain. It was a good job but what I always wanted to do was work for myself. I figured since I was good with computers, there might be a way I could make money online.
Back then, there weren’t a ton of resources so I tried a few things that didn’t work and finally built some content sites that started making money. Within about a year I was making enough to be able to quit my job, but I kept doing both for another year just because I didn’t know if this online business would last. I finally quit my job and never looked back.

How long did it take for you to be successful in internet marketing?
I think it was a few months before I made my first commission. I considered that a success because I had that ‘it really works!’ moment. My goal when I started out was to make $200 extra per month. I really thought I would have it made if I could achieve that .

What traffic sources would you like to recommend to people who are just starting out?
The more affiliate friendly traffic sources like PPV, POF, etc. are good for newer affiliates because they don’t have as many restrictions. They’ll also work with you if stuff doesn’t get approved.
As you are master in PPV traffic most frequently asked question by the people who are just starting out with is what is the budget required to launch a successful CPA campaign? What budget do you recommend?
The minimum deposit for a PPV network (I would recommend) is $200. I don’t think that’s enough to give PPV a fair test though. It’s impossible to answer how much budget you would need to launch a successful campaign. I’ve seen people do it with a few hundred and others take a few thousand. It just depends on so many factors. I would say $500 is a good minimum for starting with paid traffic. There are no guarantees you will be successful by then of course.

What do you think are the essentials to run a long term affiliate marketing business?
Being diversified, having multiple streams of income, and retaining the user as much as possible. You want to focus on one niche/traffic source until you’re good at it, but then diversify into something else. Don’t just build CPA campaigns – build datafeed sites, content sites, etc. Promote different niches, products, and brands. Don’t always chase after the hot thing. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, just don’t make it the only thing you focus on because, as we all know, nothing lasts long in this business.
Anything you can do to retain the ability to market to the user again is great. Why send someone off to convert on an affiliate offer when you could somehow market to them over and over. A couple examples would be building a list or doing retargeting. There are a ton of ways to do this though.
Is PPV good for long term business? Many people doubt quality of PPV traffic what you would say about that?
It is as part of an overall strategy, yes. Like I said above, once someone masters PPV I would suggest branching out and building assets in other areas. That way, you have money coming in from your PPV campaigns, but also other projects.
The quality of traffic with PPV isn’t as much of an issue as the way people promote offers on PPV traffic. If you’re promising features or benefits on your landing page that the customer doesn’t actually get when they sign up to the offer, it will lead to bad quality. A good example of this is the dating niche where people like to say “free chat” or “chat now” on their landing page. When the customer clicks through looking to chat but has to pull out a credit card to do so, or finds it isn’t even a feature of that site, they won’t turn into paying customers for the advertiser.

What is your opinion about future of CPA marketing and what are your thoughts on major CPA networks shutting down? Where do you see the cpa marketing in next coming years?
CPA marketing will always go in cycles. Before the rebill craze, lead gen offers were really popular. Now that most affiliates aren’t pushing rebills anymore, lead generation offers are getting popular again.
People in this industry have very short memories. Just a few years ago, when money was flowing freely, networks just overextended themselves because of poor planning or the false belief that rebills would last forever. It’s important to stay connected to other affiliates through forums, conferences, etc. If you do this, and keep up with the industry, most of the network closing issues won’t catch you by surprise.
I think in the next year with CPA marketing lead generation is going to be popular. I also see many affiliates taking the skills they learn promoting CPA offers into branching out into other businesses.

Tell us about your private forum AFFPLAYBOOK ? When you started this forum , What is so special in your forum and what are you upcoming plans for this forum and what can we expect from this forum ?
I started Aff Playbook (then PPV Playbook) at the end of 2009. I didn’t have any plans for starting a forum, I just wrote an ebook that did well and led to people asking for a forum. I had no idea it would grow into what it’s become today.
There are a few things that make Aff Playbook different. Our lessons are organized and systematic. If you want to learn PPV, PPC, or whatever, we have specific step by step lessons to follow. We also show case studies of real, successful campaigns. I think the most important thing though, is we focus on building a long term business from affiliate marketing. Instead of just teaching how to run traffic to offers, we teach how you can earn more money from each visitor, and build a real asset.
In the future, we will be expanding these areas even more. You can expect more case studies, lessons, webinars, contests, and other surprises!
At the end any suggestions you want to give to people who are just starting out with CPA marketing or anything you want to share with us?
There is really no secret, or something the ‘successful’ affiliates are doing that you’re not. It really just comes down to focusing on one thing at a time and sticking with it until you get profitable.

Thank you very much David it was pleasure interviewing with you!
No problem, thanks for the interview!

I would like to thank David for taking time out of his busy schedule and sharing his time with us , those of you who are interested to join Affplaybook click here or check out whats inside affplaybook here  ~ KJ

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