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I when ever get asked always strongly oppose newbies to fall for where freelancers provide fake leads. I  already posted about similar topic two years ago with title How fraudulent publishers are destroying CPA industry. Covering how CPA network accounts were sold on how ever its a good news that they no more allow such projects on their website how ever , Still i have seen many fraudulent fake lead providers scamming people for years using this website for example  user name Ayjamtech This user is here for years now and still working actively to provide people fake leads , even after i reported him to while i was working for my article two years ago and still he is actively working , When ever you contact staff , Their response will be something like this scam

Once you contact them and ask them why don`t you promote cpa offers yourself, They will respond you with answer ” i am from Pakistan/Bangladesh Most of the Affiliate Network will not accept Publishers from our country “ or “Networks use PayPal as payment processor and pay pal is banned in our Country “.

in case you ask them how they are going to promote your offers , You will be shown  a free wordpress blog similar to this one .

I would advise you to never fall for such scams ever and read this thread made by Steven Sauve from MaxBounty

Finally here is a list of a few fake lead providers .

  • ayjamtech
  • signupexpert31
  • Elbbubtech
  • cpaleads60
  • vertexbd01
  • leadsvision

Know more scammers providing fake leads  ?  contact us with proofs and we will add them here .

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