PPV Rocker Released

Hey guys today i am very excited to announce that my new PPV traffic course is released now and you may find it here  .
SO what is PPV Rocker?

PPV Rocker is  a complete PPV traffic course including solid information about PPV traffic , How you can generate traffic to your CPA Offers using PPV and more then that how to make your PPV campaigns successful.

The main problem most of newbies face is that they don`t know about how to make a campaign successful , Yes ! they keep focusing on finding a campaign which is profitable from day  , Which i am afraid is not possible most of times , here is the reason. You do need to sort our bad targets which eat your money and also test out your landers , A minor change in your landing page may have a huge effect on CTR of your landing pages .

Coming back to the topic !

PPV Rocker covers following topics !

  • What type of offers to promote
  • What type of landing pages work well on PPV
  • How you can create Landing pages your self
  • Testing Landing pages
  • Testing taragets
  • How to collect targets
  • How to set up tracking (bonus)
  • How to optimize a campaign
  • When to kill a campaign
  • When to kill targets
  • What budget you should spend

And many more … with WSO you get rock star support from me , You can reach me anytime and let me know about your questions if you have any at anytime and i have a separate Support portal to help out you guys, All i want is to see you successful , Help you to create successful PPC campaigns.


Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to say anything by commenting below !


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