PropellerAds Introduces New Auto Optimization Features To Boost Your campaigns

PropellerAds Introduces New Auto-Optimization Features To Boost Your campaigns.

If you read my blog, you may already know that PropellerAds is my favourite push advertising network. PropellerAds is also, without any doubt, the best push notification advertising network. With a fantastic team helping advertisers make the most out of their advertising budget and a large traffic inventory, they are always ahead of the competition. 

Today I would like to introduce you to the two more revolutionizing features which will help you optimize your campaigns faster. 

Before we continue if you haven’t joined PropellerAds yet, You can do so by Clicking here.

Rule-Based Campaigns: 

Without auto-optimization, it is almost impossible to optimize campaigns these days. Many third-party auto-optimization tools are available in the market; however, there is always an issue with the accuracy. Of course, you have to pay for the third-party optimization tools. 

Lucky for PropellerAds advertisers, they have launched a new rule-based feature that you can use to optimize your campaigns automatically. 

 There are many reasons you should be using this feature, for example. 

To scale your campaign : 

When you have achieved your desired Conversion Rate, the next step is to increase your bids and capture as much traffic as possible while maintaining your desired CPA. 

Stop Losing Money: 

You will find zones that are not working for your campaigns. The first thing you should do whenever you launch a new campaign is blocking the non-performing zone ids. You can use Rule-based optimization to cut out the bad performing zone ids. 

To Make Your Campaigns Profitable:

I always love saying this” Not Every campaign is born profitable”. When you start a campaign, you will be losing money on it in most cases. The only thing which will make your campaign profitable is that you will have to cut out the bad performing zone ids and divert the budget you are spending on bad performing zone ids to the profitable zone ids.

How To Use Rule Based Optimization On PropellerAds:

To use Rule-based optimization on PropellerAds, you will have to select Push Notifications or Interstitial Advertising Format and Pricing Model ( Note Rule-based optimization does not work with other pricing formats ).

propellerads Auto-Optimization
Select CPC Pricing Model
PropellerAds Ruke Based Optimization Campaigns
PropellerAds Ruke Based Optimization Campaigns

Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns

This feature allows you to create campaigns on all PropellerAds advertising formats, including push, Onclick and Interstitial format, with a CPA Goal pricing model. 

In simple words, all you have to do is create one CPA GOAL Push Campaign, and PropellerAds Algorithm will also optimize your campaign on OnClick and Interstitial advertising formats, so you don’t have to create separate campaigns for every format. This will ensure your campaign and data is centralized and not scattered over different campaigns. 

You can set a different budget for every format within the campaign setting and select their separate audiences. 

How To Use Multiformat CPA Goal Feature On PropellerAds:

To use this feature you will have to create a new campaign in Push Notifications Advertising Format, Once you have created your campaign you will find the multi format option under pricing model , Just click on all the formats you want under create additional campaigns button and you are done 🙂

PropellerAds Introduces New Auto-Optimization Features To Boost Your  campaigns.


I hope these two features will help you optimize your campaigns better and help you create profitable campaigns. If you are new to PropellerAds, make sure you read my guide about launching campaigns below.

If you have any comments or suggestions, you are always welcome to share them with me through the contact page.

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