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Hey guys today i received an email from a blog reader and i thought instead or replying to his answer through email it would be much better to reply him using a blog post as it will also help others as well so here is the email i am talking about

Hi Khawar!

This is xxxxx, I’ve been a great fan of yours and the IM world, I don’t know where to start, but consider this email as a personal one. For I need your help, I am not selling anything, I’m not asking you for money or anything like that. I just want one simple thing from you as a pro internet marketer.

I live in xxxxx Sweden with my wife and a lovely little daughter. I have been buying WSO after WSO since the end of 2011 but only suffered from information overload. Couldn’t do a single thing. And then gradually I came to understand the hype and bluffs that these WSO’s are full of.

I saw a dream at start, to become internet marketer and thus become independant. I saw a lot of dreams for my family. But i couldn’t fulfill a sigle one of them.

Now I’m so much desperate that everything seems to me as a big fat lie. My wife doesn’t believe me anymore. I’m in real pain and financial crisis these days. I am writing you this email because I trust you and above all I think that you are also from Pakistan and obviously are muslim like me.

Please help me by answering just simple questions.
Is this whole internet marketing thing a scam or there is any reality in it?
I want to make money online, but how?
Is it product creation, amazon, or cpa?
What is real among them.

I don’t want to waste my time anymore, for I don’t have any choice.

Please help me, Just show me the right path. I don’t want to buy WSO’s anymore, I don’t believe anything now.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.

 My reply!

My dear friend first of all sorry to read about all the crisis you are going through and i hope you will recover from you situation soon and God will help you to get rid of all the troubles. Secondly it is good to know that you are a Muslim and also from Pakistan and i am happy for that however that wont make any difference in my response i will send same response to a reader who was from USA , Congo, India or any other country.  I do respect all my readers and they are all equal for me:) coming to your problem.

This is a common problem with many people, First of all please understand there is no click button formula doing any kind of business is just like a real world business and it takes same effort required and hard work, dedication, as a real world business will.  The problem in your case as i understand is that you haven’t set any direction for yourself what you want to do and you buy any shiny product that tells you you can make thousands of dollars a day , Let me tell you in order to succeed you do need to choose one business model , That could be affiliate marketing , arbitrage, drop shipping , services etc etc ..  What you need to do is to choose your direction , Which way you want to go , choose your path first , and than once you have chosen your industry work in it and learn more about it and after that find the best courses about that specific business model , make contacts with people and learn from them. Without Choosing a industry , choosing a path you wont be able to be successful stop jumping around and grab one model and stick to it till you succeed.

About WSOs there are many good wsos as well as tons of bad ones as well , I personally found a few WSOs which did really helped me to make money and increase my profits however i wont deny more than good ones there is majority of rubbish just being sold to make money. Being a WSO seller myself i can tell you my wso won`t help you if you are in a habit of trying every new wso and than forgetting them just because they require plenty of hard work and you want some thing very easy , a method that can help you make money easily. Dear sir that is laziness and you will have to get rid of it , It is your laziness and your fault that WSO Sellers keep launching rubbish WSO products just because people keep buying them without knowing what they are about etc and all they care about is payment proof screenshot on the sales page.

you should always remember that what ever you do make sure you take it very seriously and give all your best efforts , Nothing is impossible in this world you can do anything you want if you are dedicated and work hard.

Coming to your questions

My Answers !

Is this whole internet marketing thing a scam or there is any reality in it?

Internet marketing is real,Thousands of people including me make living from internet marketing . it is a real business, How ever you will have to learn it, experience it and run it before becoming successful just like any other real life business.
I want to make money online, but how?Is it product creation, amazon, or cpa?What is real among them.

All of the above models work it depends on what you have been doing , or what you want to do, All you need to do is to choose one model and start working on it , And never give up . All  of them are real amazon does give you comission when you help them generate sales and advertisers do pay you money when you help them generating sales and leads for their businesses.

I hope this post has answered your all questions and also questions of other people who think same as you . let me know your thoughts by making a comment .

Best of luck


~ Kj

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