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Hey there guys! Some of you may have received a mail recently about  Shoe In the money System …I have been receiving very positive response, So I thought I would elaborate and share a bit about him on my blog too . As you all may know, I don’t review any tom, dick and harry… but only well known, real and people I personally know and have dealt with over a long period of time (Well long enough to get to know their ins and outs). Jeremy is one of those I admire and have learnt a lot from I am one of his loyal fans.

So let’s start with some down to earth facts about his background and projects. Shoemaker kicked off his career from Sears (As a sales man), this lead to a job that was only $1 more, but it was the start of something bright….. He worked for a Internet Service Provider (ISP).  As time went on he built his empire and blog.

Moving on, let’s take a look at a few of his achievements so far,

He is famous for his Google cheque

  • Featured on many publications;
  • New York post ,, Chicago tribune, Bloomberg business week.
  • A blog with with over 30,000 visitors a day
  • Named the most influential person on the internet by Chuck Salter
  • Taking the stage at high ticket seminars and public conferences
  • 11th on power 150s ranking up marketting blogs
  • Schoemaker self-published his autobiography, Nothing’s Changed But My Change: The ShoeMoney Story, in January 2013
  • Been the Top Grossing Affiliate for 5 different networks (Commission Junction, NeverBlue, AzoogleAds, Ads4dough, CPA Empire).
  • Built his own digital advertising network that grew to over 25,000 active publishers and grossing over 2 million a month in revenue by its 3rd month. The company sold after 4 months after launch.
  • Nominated for a Presidential Award for Technology by eBay in 2008.
  • Operated his own Affiliate Network ( which has done over 10 million in gross revenue to date.
  • Created, produced, launched, marketed, and sold over 15 million dollars of products over the internet.

Now talking about Shoe in the money system, How about if i tell you Jeremy a person to whom Google themselves call and ask to join google ad sense and he kills it in very first month (above cheque screenshot) , About an affiliate marketer who has made millions of dollars in CPA  (not talking about those guys who only make millions of dollars only on sales pages) i am talking about real hardcore cash and he shows proper 100% legit proofs .

And how if he is willing to train you ?  teach you affiliate marketing ?

Seems good ?

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