Networks you should join after EWA close down


From day EWA Closed Doors i have seen many newbie affiliates working with EWA worried about where to go now ,Majority of these people are referred by Adrian Morrison and are total newbie with no relative experience at all .


2. There are no money trees online

They get worried and think like sky is falling on them . SO for those affiliates i wanted to do a special post , where i can tell them there are plenty of other networks they can join and make good money with how ever i would like to tell them that i am sorry if my words hurt but there is nothing like instant money! This is a proper business and you will have to take it like business it does requires lots of practice and experience. Also who ever promises you profits from day one is lying with you yes there is tons of money people are making and to be made but  to do so you will have to learn ropes .

Now first of all networks you can use to make money are endless you can deal directly with the advertisers and companies and also there are many other networks much more better then EWA who are available for you to join and are always honest in making payments to their affiliates a few of them are Never Blue, MAxbounty,Peerfly , A4d and wolf strom media .  Follow these rules from my article How to get accepted in cpa network? and you wont have big trouble in getting accepted into any of these networks (i by clicking above links i will be your referral which will increase your chances of getting accepted into these networks even more  .
i would suggest you to when ever you call a network do let them know each and everything they ask honestly and don’t try to hide anything even if you are newbie just let them know.

To get started do check out how to promote CPA Offers for newbies article and choose one traffic source and don`t give up until you master it and you are good to go .Also do remember never ever fall for any kind of shortcuts because there isn’t any and never ever give up !

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