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In affiliate marketing only those affiliates survive who are updated with latest trends and know how  to avail new opportunities, In this industry if are only successful if you have up to date information about industry and you have information what is working these  days  and whats`s not . For example let me give you example of mobile , when mobile advertising was new thing those affiliates who knew about it and knew how they can use it to bank tons of cash did jumped in and made very healthy profits (yes i did had campaigns where cost per conversion to me was $3 for offers with payout $15) . And later as more and more people started jumping in profitability started to decrease and now yes mobile is still profitable but not that much it used to be .

To keep track of new and latest trends one of the best method is to read blogs.I except reading my own blog read many other affiliates blogs and to find out interesting topics  instead of browsing through blogs i save my time and use Aggregate sites which save plenty of my time in choosing topics that i like. I have been using Aggregate sites for almost 2 years now to find out useful articles and news which help me in my affiliate marketing business for example getting new ideas for campaigns and also they do keep me updated with latest trends ,Networks,Offers,Niches,advertisers,traffic sources laws and many more.

Aff posts is a new syndicated news site created by Luke affiliate manager of  Peerfly network .


Since the day it was launched it is my favorite News Aggregate site.

Fresh content

The very first reason i love this site is that on its home page it only features features fresh content that means only fresh content is featured and only those bloggers make it to the top who regularly post fresh content .

Simple and easy to eyes design

Luke has made a very simple and easy to eyes and a very simple design without any distractions at all . a very simple and a sleek design i really love it.

Mobile Versions

These days as most of time i am traveling so my phone usage has increased drastically that`s what make me realize  how important is to have a mobile version of your website or blog,i was happy to see luck has also created a mobile version and that’s`s how it looks on mobile .

Affposts mobile version

A great traffic source for bloggers :

Ok so now i would like to mention how affposts encourages bloggers like me to create and publish more content , As it has dynamic blogs order so you will get first  first place if you publish more content , my blog is listed on many blog Aggregators but affposts send more traffic from any of them. Reason is that on other blog Aggregators there are many dead blogs listed above me just because they are friends with owners of blog Aggregators so that gives them right to be listed on first place screw user experience even if they don`t post anything for months.

At the end i would like to thank Luke for creating this precious source of information for affiliates and also a perfect traffic source for bloggers who work their ass off to create quality content and share with their users .I would highly recommend my users to visit affposts regularly and also subscribe to affposts news paper to stay informed about latest industry trends.

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