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The new Bevo Media exchange is live

Bevo Media has just launched the newest version of their interface, The Bevo Media Exchange. The Bevo Media Exchange Platform is a completely revolutionary landscape for affiliate marketers to track and optimize their campaigns more simple and effectively as ever before.

The new interface is designed to be as user friendly and easy to use as possible. The technology is built to be infinitely scalable, so high volume traffic is no problem at all. New features such as the CPA Optimizer and Fingerprint tracking technology make this tracking platform far and away better than anything else available in the industry. Also, with live chat support, any questions about usage can be answered immediately so no time is lost and no money is left on the table.

The CPA Optimizer makes testing and optimizing a campaign as easy and automatic as humanly possible. Simply by choosing your preferred offers and selecting a few landing pages, the CPA Optimizer will test the key variables involved in a campaign (offer, landing page, time of day, geographic location etc.) and automatically figure out which combination of variables performs the best. Also, Bevo’s new Fingerprint tracking technology is much more accuarte than traditional tracking methods and will report conversions no matter how deep inside the sales path they are. Bevo’s new tools and technology does everything possible to make sure affiliate’s get the most out of every single impression.

Furthermore, Bevo Media users can get the creatives of all of their affiliate networks directly from the Bevo Media interface so that they don’t have to login to a bunch of different places. All of the network technology is synced up to make life much more convenient and consolidated for affiliate marketers.

Creating a Bevo Media Exchange account is completely FREE. Sign up at

To learn more about the features of The Bevo Media Exchange, please visit the blog here:

I would like to  thank  Michael Chambrello  Managing Partner at Bevo Media , for his cooperation and help ~ KJ

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