Tips for Effective Lead Generation with YouTube

You can use YouTube videos to attract leads to your offers. If you want to build strong mailing list for your product promotion, you can use YouTube videos to drive targeted audience that will become loyal subscribers for your mailing list. Here are a few proven tips i can give you from my experience which you can follow to effectively attract leads with YouTube videos:

Create a clearly focused video

There is nothing more annoyed than watching low quality video on YouTube. Most low quality videos are created with no clear focus. What they’re talking about is unclear. They don’t have a good structure of presentation. In other words, they seem like talking about random information without any real substance. These types of videos are not good for your promotion. If you want to lead people to sign up to your offer or mailing list, you must first come with a clearly focused video that people can enjoy watching. Have a clear structure in your presentation and present your information in a clear and detailed manner. This will help your video to attract more views as well as drive more targeted traffic to your offer page. Try creating interesting and engaging videos instead of low quality videos.

Learn what people like and dislike

You need to investigate what people like and dislike from other similar videos. For instance, if your niche is weight loss, you should take a look at some weight loss videos posted on YouTube and see the comment section of those videos. How people react to those videos? How many likes and dislikes do the videos get? You need to investigate these things in order to come up with a better video that will attract more likes than dislikes, as well as positive comments. If you can attract positive comments in your video, people will be more interested to follow your lead.

Promote your offer in your video

You need to include the call to action in your video. Don’t just write call to action in your video description. Yes, you need to write the call to action in the video description, but it is better for you to include it inside your video. Talk about it at the end of your video. Tell people to complete your offer , subscribe to your mailing list, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, and so on. This clear call to action will persuade your viewers more.

Keep your video short

How long should your video be? You should create no longer than 5-minute video. Why? That’s because you don’t want to bore your viewers with long videos. And long videos are boring, really. That’s why you need to keep your video short so that it can attract the most attention from your audience. In fact, if you can create an interesting short video, people will become addicted to your videos. The more people watch your videos, the more traffic you’ll send to your offer page.

Brand your video

Branding is very important because it will increase your video reputation. Your video reputation is important because people will judge your video quality based on your video reputation. Branding will provide an impression that your video is reputable. So, put your website logo in the right down corner of your video. You can also place your website URL there. It will make your video more professional and appealing. Thus, it will attract more leads to your offers.

Those are a few tips for effective lead generation with YouTube. The key is to create an appealing as well as professional video that will attract lots of views as well as drive more traffic back to your website. For landing pages I highly recommend Thesis by DIY Themes.
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