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Top 10 blogs of the year 2013 in CPA industry

top 10 cpa blogs

Year 2013 is history now and here is sit in 2014 writing about top 10 influential  blogs of the year 2013 in CPA industry . While making this list i have considered many points including content , Popularity , following of the blogs mentioned in the list and also feed back from their readers on different community sites. It was very hard for me to give ranking to all these blogs so instead i have pass the idea of giving these blogs ranks so they are all equal for me  , Without boring you with more stories  i present you the list of 10 most influential blogs of the year 2013 in CPA industry .

  • IM Grind

IM Grind blog is one of the most famous blogs in CPA Industry and always delivers good and quality content to its readers, Ruck is a well respected mentor in the CPA Industry and knows his stuff more than anyone else. His posts always deliver valuable and quality lessons and his blog is a great source for learners.

Tyler Cruz is a inspiration for every newbie and also for successful CPA affiliates. His monthly income statement post series is very popular in affiliates and his lessons about money managements are priceless. He also publishes Newbie sweet dish case studies as well which makes his blog stand out  from all other blogs in the industry.

I ended up landing on one of his posts from The Rise of Ngo series one fine night and ended up reading his whole series in just one night, And so far i consider it the best CPA success story very detailed and very well written story.  Always provides top quality content and wonderful tips to increase your CPA revenues.

  • Smaxor

Owned bt A4D`s CEO Jason , He writes very few times but when ever he writes something his posts are full with golden nuggets.

No need to introduce him every affiliate knows him  , This blog is owned by the Peerfly Affiliate Manager luke , Who shared great content on his blog and his tips and guide are always top notch.

  • affplaybook

AffPlaybook forum and its blog are owned by david , A great resource of information for affiliates running PPV traffic, David shares very helpful and informative tips and guides related to PPV traffic and general CPA Marketing.

  • Perform outsider

This is totally opposite to Pace Latin`s Perform Insider and is a nightmare for all industry douchebags and usually a post is made on this blog when a douchebags is revealed. This blog hardly gets one post in a month but whenever there is a new post it is widely shared on social media sites and is most popular post on all blog aggregates.

Affiliate Fix Blog

Affiliate Fix is one of the most popular forum in CPA industry and its blog which is managed by owner of the forum Oliver Kenyon

Ring Partner Blog

Ring Partner Blog is one of the best blogs about pay per call marketing and provides valuable information about promoting pay per call offers and running mobile ads on traffic networks ,

Kj rocker

At last but not the least Kj Rocker blog which is run by Kj Rocker is one of the best blogs in CPA Industry call me biased but i can tell you it provides best guides and info to its readers and i would advise you to signup to its news letter to receive more awesome stuff on regular basis.

So this was my list of top 10 bloggers in CPA industry for year 2013 , Did i miss some one ? Let me know by making comment  and i will consider to add them into my list next year …

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