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Voluum Review 2024: Maximize Your Affiliate Profits

Voluum is a leading performance marketing platform that offers an all-in-one solution for advertisers, affiliate marketers, and media buying teams to optimize and measure their online advertising campaigns. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools and features that enable marketers to track, analyze and optimize their campaigns across multiple channels, including native, push, display, and mobile.

CodeWise, the company behind Voluum, the tracker, has experience in affiliate marketing and is a major advantage of the platform. The fact that it was founded by the owner of the zeropark.com advertising network, Robert Gryn, who was an affiliate himself, means that it was developed specifically with the needs and demands of affiliates in mind. This experience has allowed Voluum to stay ahead of market trends and provide the most effective tracking and optimization tools for affiliate marketers. By using Voluum, affiliates can trust that they are using a platform that has been designed and developed by people with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

In this blog post, we will provide a detailed review of Voluum, exploring its features, pricing, and performance, and analyze why it is one of the top affiliate tracking platforms in the market.

Voluum Featured
Voluum Tracking Platform

Voluum Tracker Features

Voluum offers a comprehensive set of essential tools for successful affiliate marketing campaigns. With three main features – Track, Optimize, and Automate, Voluum offers an all-in-one platform that covers all aspects of affiliate marketing. Whether you need to track your campaign’s performance, optimize your offers and landing pages, or automate routine tasks, Voluum has you covered. These powerful features work seamlessly together to provide a complete solution to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Track Your Campaigns with Voluum
Track Your Campaigns with Voluum

Track Your Campaigns with Voluum

Voluum’s innovative tracking feature lets you easily track desktop and mobile advertising and affiliate campaigns in one place. The platform is fast and reliable, so you never miss a click or conversion. Voluum simplifies advertising and campaign management.

  1. Voluum Dashboard: Voluum’s dashboard lets you track ad campaign visitors, clicks, costs, and revenues. Voluum streamlines management by centralizing affiliate conversion tracking. Voluum dashboard makes it easy to analyze your campaign stats and optimize advertising campaigns for optimal results.
  2. Conversion Tracking:  – Voluum lets you track different types of conversions throughout your customer journey. Voluum server to server conversion tracking lets you set conversion targets and measure them at several touchpoints, giving you detailed insights into your ad campaigns. Voluum lets you customize conversion tracking to improve sales, sign-ups, and other KPIs.
  3. Impression Tracking: Voluum’s sophisticated impression tracking feature lets you track every time your ad loads on a page, giving you a complete insight of your ad performance. Tracking impressions can help you improve your CTR and targeting on display campaigns.
  4. Organic Traffic Tracking: Voluum’s is one of the few affiliate tracking platforms which also allows you to track organic traffic as well (Not as good as google analytics). It lets you track website visits from organic sources through universal tracking script.
  5. Split Testing: Voluum’s robust A/B testing feature lets you adjust the campaign flow and visitor experience based on your chosen criteria. This feature allows you to redirect visitors to a better lander or offer by redirecting users based on your chosen criteria. This powerful feature lets you A/B test your landing pages and affiliate offers and optimize your ad campaigns in real time and boost conversions. 
  6. Mobile App – One of the biggest feature many affiliate tracking platforms lack is the availability of mobile apps, Voluum is one of the few tracking platforms that offer mobile app to monitor affiliate campaigns on the go, even though there are many features missing within the app its still nice to have mobile apps to monitor campaigns.
  7. Traffic Source and Affiliate Network Templates: Voluum lets you easily add over 50 affiliate platforms. This handy feature automates campaign setup, saving time. Voluum’s broad library of templates includes many popular affiliate networks, offering you the flexibility and agility to launch your campaigns without any delay.
  8.  Manual Cost Update: Even if your traffic source doesn’t pass campaign costs to the tracker, Voluum’s manual cost update tool lets you effortlessly update them. This feature lets you oversee your advertising campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Voluum’s manual cost update tool gives you the flexibility and control to succeed. Voluum lets you optimize ad campaigns with data.
  9. Multi-currency Compatibility: Voluum lets you easily compare traffic source expenses and affiliate network earnings in different currencies. This enhanced tracking allows you to see your ad campaign performance and ROI. Voluum automatically converts currencies, ensuring you always have accurate and up-to-date information. This functionality improves workflow and lets you make data-driven decisions. Voluum’s multicurrency support lets you optimize ad campaigns and generate results independent of traffic sources and affiliate networks’ currencies.
  10. Manual Conversion Upload: You can upload conversions directly to Voluum even if your affiliate network did not give a valid post back. This handy tool lets you manage your ad campaign data and ensure accuracy and keeps your campaigns up to date.
  11. Traffic Log: Voluum’s traffic log provides extensive information about each visit to your ad campaign. This tracking function lets you analyze data sets for each visit, providing you insights to enhance your ad campaigns and drive results. Voluum’s traffic log lets you quickly spot data discrepancies and gives you the freedom and control you need to examine campaign statistics or patterns across campaigns.
  12. Lander Scanning Tool: Landing page & tracking link mistakes are easy to overlook. This handy feature helps you by identifying landing page issues like broken links.
Voluum Automizer
Voluum Automizer

Optimize Your Campaigns With Voluum

Voluum’s optimization features are ideal for optimizing paid traffic. Precise targeting and fine-tuning campaign parameters improve results. Voluum’s optimization tools let you get results faster and more precisely. Voluum can help you optimize your ad expenditure, and optimize your campaign settings to generate better results.

Optimize campaigns for better performance
Optimize campaigns for better performance
  1. Real-Time Reports – Voluum’s real-time reporting gives you campaign data in real time. This lets you monitor and analyze your campaigns and make optimization decisions quickly. Voluum’s real-time data lets you notice faults, trends, and optimize campaign settings. Marketers who want to remain ahead and reach their goals swiftly.
  2. Data Grouping and Drill Down – Data grouping and drill-down tool lets you efficiently examine your data at different levels and get insights to optimize your campaigns.
  3. Error Log: This feature lets you quickly detect campaign funnel and tracking issues to resolve your campaigns errors.
  4. Rule-based Traffic Distribution: Voluum lets you retarget traffic based on your conditions. Voluum will automatically send your traffic to different landing pages, offers, or paths based on your rules. This feature lets you target campaigns more precisely, give more enticing content to visitors, and increase conversion rates.
  5. Markers in Reports: Use graphical icons to identify variables in your reports. This makes finding key data and patterns easy. This feature lets you quickly identify campaign-relevant metrics to optimize performance and improve results.
  6. Proxy Reports: This feature lets you see if your traffic is routed through multiple proxy solutions to hide its source. This function helps you to reduce and eliminate traffic fraud.
  7. Workspaces: This feature simplifies teamwork. Create manageable working groups and provide associates specific access levels to improve campaign collaboration. This improves team efficiency and productivity.
  8. Shared reports: You may easily build data-updated reports for partners and clients. Automatically update everyone.

Automate Affiliate Campaigns With Voluum

Media buying campaigns demand special ongoing attention. Voluum’s automation tools will help you handle everything.

Voluum Review 2024: Maximize Your Affiliate Profits
Automate your work with rules & alerts
  1. API Access: Voluum’s REST API with JSON allows easy data interchange with other 3rd party platforms like TheOptimizer. This simplifies campaign management across platforms by automating and integrating your affiliate marketing campaigns. Programmatically extract data, update campaigns, and create custom scripts to automate processes and enhance workflow .
  2. Notifications: Get real-time campaign performance updates on your mobile or laptop. Be notified when you hit a conversion cap, a new conversion is registered, or traffic patterns change significantly.
  3. Automizer: Integrating all traffic sources with Voluum simplifies advertising operations. This lets you manage and control all your campaigns on one platform without switching between tools and dashboards.
  4. Automate campaign optimization: With “if/then” phrases – You can create “if/then” statements to automate your campaign optimization process.
  5. Bid Adjustments: Bid adjustment feature lets you change traffic source bids in the tracker, saving time. This powerful automation feature lets you optimize campaigns for maximum results. Set your bid levels, and Voluum will automatically update them based on campaign results to maximize ROI and profitability.
  6. Campaign Pausing: Lets you pause and continue campaigns from the Voluum dashboard.
  7. Blacklists and Whitelists: Filter out or allow specific sites, widgets, zones, and more in your campaigns.
  8. Voluum’s Anti-Fraud Kit: This tool automatically detects suspicious clicks and visits, making it easier to identify bad traffic sources. Bot traffic can skew data, damage campaigns, and cost money. Voluum flags unusual traffic in your reports, allowing you to limit non-human activity.

User Interface

Voluum User Interface
Voluum User Interface

Voluum’s user interface is well-designed, user-friendly and intuitive. The dashboard provides you with all the important metrics at a glance, and the navigation is straightforward. The different features are neatly organized in tabs and menus, and the overall layout is clean and easy to navigate. The UI is also highly customizable, allowing you to tailor your workflow to your preferences.


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Voluum tracker falls on the pricier side of the spectrum among affiliate trackers regarding pricing. However, voluum offers several pricing plans, including Profit, Scale, and Start-up plans. The Basic Profit plan starts from $149 per month and includes 1 million monthly events, three custom domains, and six months of data retention. The Scale plan starts at $299 per month and includes 5 million monthly events, 10 custom domains, and 12 months of data retention. Finally, the Start-up plan offers 10 million events, 12 months of data retention and many VIP features not available on other plans, and It costs $499/month.

Voluum Pros:

Robust tracking and real-time analytics: Voluum provides powerful tracking capabilities that enable advertisers to track their campaigns across multiple channels and devices. Its real-time analytics capabilities enable advertisers to monitor their campaigns’ performance as it happens. Its comprehensive reports allow advertisers to track key performance metrics like clicks, impressions, conversions, and revenue.

Automated optimisation and AI-powered fraud detection: Voluum’s automated optimisation feature uses machine learning algorithms to optimise real-time campaigns. AI-powered fraud detection algorithms analyse data from multiple sources to identify and block fraudulent traffic. This is a perfect solution for basic optimisation, and you don’t need to buy any third-party optimisation and fraud detection tools like Theoptimizer and Clickcease. 

Voluum Cons:

Pricing can be expensive for small affiliates: Voluum’s pricing plans can be expensive for small affiliates or those just starting with performance marketing. While the Basic plan starts at $149 per month, this may be too expensive for affiliates with limited budgets.

Customer support: Voluum provides various support resources, including a knowledge base, tutorials, and webinars, to help customers get the most out of the platform. But when speaking directly with the support team, the customer support level depends on your chosen plan. 

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In conclusion, Voluum is an exceptional affiliate marketing tracker that stands out in the market with its excellent features, performance, and user interface. Its automation and AI-powered features offer affiliate marketers a fast, reliable, and scalable solution. It is designed with the needs and requests of affiliates in mind, and its experience in the industry is evident in its features and performance.

Voluum’s user-friendly interface and customisable workflow make it easy for beginners and experienced marketers to use. In addition, the detailed stats and analysis allow for in-depth optimisation of campaigns, and the split-testing and AI-powered optimisation make it a powerful tool for increasing profitability.

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