What type of website you should have to get accepted in a CPA Network

What type of website should i have to get accepted into a cpa network

This is one of the most commonly asked question on public forums related to CPA Marketing. What i do think is that building a new website just to get accepted in a cpa network is a total waste of money .If you already have a blog you should use that in your application . The reason its waste of money is because a CPA Network is interested to know how will you drive traffic to offers they have no interest in dummy websites which are just created to get approved.

Main question is how you will drive traffic, If you are going to use methods which don`t require website , just explain  your method in description  how you will drive traffic,. Or if you will drive traffic through your existing website just mention that website.

But creating a new website just to get approved makes no sense .

A CPA Network is only interested to know are you a legit person or you are just a fraudster . No Matter you are a newbie or Experienced marketer no CPA Network will reject you just because you are a newbie .  if you want to apply to a cpa network I have already posted article on How to get accepted in cpa network?  If you are looking for mini niche websites for promoting cpa offers i have my own team ready to create a website for you check out mini site for cpa offers

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