Why people fail in cpa marketing

kjrocker fail saturdayToday I want to talk about the a few reasons due to which people fail in CPA marketing. I have coached many affiliates so far many of them got successful and many failed miserably, especially those who just want to click a button and expect money to fall from sky. I have learned a few reasons of failure and they are.

Lack of Commitment

Sometimes people think Budget is the only thing require to succeed with CPA and affiliate marketing which is not correct , All you require is commitment and dedication to what you are doing, You don`t need money , Tools are not must , You can start CPA Marketing without any hosting account or anything but just require commitment and dedication. Give your campaigns proper time, Stop bouncing around the traffic sources instead choose one and work on it till you succeed.

Listening opinions of Others

Every affiliate has his own opinion, about traffic source, niche, Offer, Network etc. for example let’s say someone says Ad words is the worst traffic source it’s his own opinion based on his experience. You have no idea about the way he or she was marketing, What kind of landing page he/she was using , what niche they were in , Just because KJ says PPV Traffic is good for CPA Offers its KJ`s experience not yours , So do test out yourself , If you are using Facebook traffic and just because PPV is converting good for KJ, Don`t jump to PPV from Facebook ads because KJ is saying PPV is good , Stick with facebook ads and see where you are making mistakes and correct them , for example there are many bloggers and forums about CPA industry just because someone posted about his positive experience with a traffic source, network ,niche or an offer that doesn`t guarantee  it will work for you as well. Just keep on what you are already doing.

Lack of patience

They say “patience is a virtue” no campaign will be a winner from day one , You will have to make a campaign successful, In fact every campaign is a failure at start and you will have to work on It to make it successful, Many noobs run away during their campaign testing phase , For example when you are running traffic to a campaign using landing pages , Many noobs will desperately check their CPA Network reports to see if they got any conversion or not no matter their CTR is zero% , Listen you will need clicks coming from landing page to offer in order to get conversions so do work on your landing page , Improve your CTR before expecting any conversions , At testing stage, your first priority should be to get a reasonable CTR not conversions. I have seen many affiliates complaining about conversions and wasting their time crying about conversions instead of working on their landing pages and improving their CTR , and on their targets. Sometimes people give up when they are about to succeed and they are very close to success.

Setting Impossible goals

This is the best part for any affiliate, What are their goals and how much they want to make, be realistic you can`t start making $1000/day from day one to reach $1000 a day goal you will have to make $1/day  first and then $10/day and then $50 , $100 , $200 .$500 , $700 and finally $1000 … You will have to go step by step, You can’t jump directly to  100th floor without passing 99 floors on your way.
Also don`t only include money in your goals but also do including in your goals how much conversion rate you want from a campaign , if using landing pages what will be your targeted CTR  and EPC , do all the math’s and know your numbers first.


One of the biggest reason of failures, if you are considering to be a CPA affiliate just because you want to spend most of your time on

beaches and in clubs and you expect click button profits, dear sir noob affiliate! Go back, you are dreaming, better get rid of this laziness and try again, I have seen many affiliates, Being a blogger I have to deal with such people all the time, Just because messaging me on Facebook is a very easy way they will message me “hey kj how do I generate offer link from affiliate network ?” in my experience these people always fail, and are the most useless species who can’t even watch a video tutorial if you give them link but would prefer you to teach them how to do it , I mean its ok if you can’t find a solution anywhere after searching all over internet, Its best solution to ask someone who knows this stuff but at least make some effort your hands won`t hurt if you google that particular problem and try to find out solution to that problem.

Lack of tools

With free traffic you can survive without any paying for any kind of tools however when it comes to paid having proper tools is must, Specially proper tracking setup, Many affiliates consider advertising budget only thing they require which is a big mistake do consider different tools for example for tracking having at least a VPS is a must you won’t get good results by hosting tracker at a shared hosting server, and as an tracker prosper 202 is a free tool however some times to monitor your traffic you need some features which are currently not available in prosper 202 and you can find them in a better tracker e.g CPVlab , Also direct linking doesn’t work all the times and you might have to create landing pages so do consider arranging tools to create  landing pages , Webpage editor and Photoshop and for WordPress landing pages Optimize press. For list building start with aweber. And other tools related to traffic source you are using.

Testing too many campaigns at a time

Sometimes people fail because they have too many  campaigns to manage, Creating and testing too  many campaigns is also not recommended as by doing so you won`t be able to focus on  any of the campaigns and loose focus which will end up on complete failure . Do start with a few campaigns and once you get going and you are getting green results from your campaigns start new campaigns and build them. This will also help you with budget and you won`t end up losing all your money without results as usually people with limited budget start many campaigns at a time and this way all your budget is spent without any results.

Campaign management

No campaign will be winner from day one if you have 100 keywords in a campaign and you get few conversions instead of getting disappointed and dumping whole campaign, remove those keywords which are getting traffic but not giving any traffic and only keep those converting for you and spend money on them instead of wasting money on those which never get any conversion, This way you can easily turn a failed campaign into a successful one. Try to find out the root of the problem why you are not getting any conversions, Find out the reason is your keywords, landing pages or the offer some times only switching to a new offer will result in campaign being profitable for you.

Those were a few mistakes by avoiding you can escape failure and be successful in CPA Marketing, in case you still have problems with your campaigns I do offer campaign consultancy service , you can reach me at my email contact [at] www.kjrocker.com for further details.

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