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From zero to Dubai life – Journey of an entrepreneur.

From zero to Dubai life – Journey of an entrepreneur.

Hey guys as you can see I have been inactive for a while, I haven’t posted much on my blog and also haven’t been online that much if you are connected with me on social media and other sources, you would. I was in the process to move to Dubai and thank God its now completed and I am settled in Dubai.

So I thought making a post about my experience so far would be great . Many of you might already know through a summary of my story though my about me page. If not I feel like repeating it again today.

So how many of you think affiliate marketing doesn’t work ? it’s dead? or making money on the internet is nothing more than a dream ? Let me tell you what ever I am I am because of internet marketing (without a doubt that’s a blessing of God on me and he is the final authority and rewards those who work hard) . I firmly believe in the phrase “you can achieve anything in life, If you are dedicated and you work hard”. Because that’s my life experience so far in my 23 years of life , That’s all I have learned.

A bit about my past..

Lost job? Have no funds to start a campaign ? You try hard but still fail ? Tell you what , I was in a worse off situation than that. I literally had only one thousand Pakistani rupees in my pocket when I started (that barely makes $10 ) and that amount I used it to invest in buying an internet connection . I didn’t even have an internet connection when I started out. To be honest I spent nearly 5 years of my life studying in a government school in my village where we had to sit on ground, No chairs , no desks, nothing. You just need to Google “Pakistani government schools” to know more . Anyway, thanks to my grandfather and my parents I got admitted into a well reputed school, and a school( run by the army ) with modern faculties. That’s where I first ever touched this machine called a computer and our teachers used to introduce the use to its components like” Hey this is called a mouse , that thing is known as a keyboard etc etc …” From that time I fell in love with this machine and my AIM of my life was to work on that machine , I wanted it badly but my parents could n`t afford to buy me one at that time . The first ever computer I got was after 5 more years, and I started messing with this machine in not quite a business savy way; playing games and so on.

Meanwhile, I opted computer as my subject and learned a few languages including HTML , C and C++and if I must say myself i was amazing at it and I always used to practice what I used to learn at home. Eventually time passed fast and I was free from college so I decided to join a call center as a CSR , just to gain experience and to kill extra time I had . At that time I had no need to worry about money as I was getting my pocket money from my father so it was just a fun job. Until reality struck me and we got into situation where I had to make money. I had to work and contribute to support my family , my that time 6 year old sister, her education and those were the times I can never forget. I had to walk from one city to another, from Rawalpindi to Islamabad every night to go on my shift. I didn’t have enough money to pay for the bus, but i still remember that pain in my feet on reaching back home. I later used to smoke because it was too cold outside and yes again I used to ask people , for cigarettes, I even couldn’t afford to buy myself one.

These situations led me to make the most important decision of my life. To take a huge risk , Quit my job and start where my heart was , Computers . We already had one at home so all I had to do was to buy an internet connection and start working online . During those times I had good command over HTML and php so I started off my online money making career with freelancer.com. I can still remember I used to stay awake 19 hours a day hoping someone at freelancer.com world will accept my bid and finally a fine humble person did my bid for making a analysis report about his business. Hurray!! That was the best moment of my life. I completed the project and earned my first $30 from internet. Days started passing fast and I was making enough money to support myself and my family. Mean while applying for different universities as software engineering was my dream, which never came true, but I have no regret now everything happens for the best and I thank God for everything he has blessed me with.

Entry to affiliate marketing

I was introduced to affiliate marketing by a client who needed a script done for his affiliate marketing and that lead me to cpalead.com the first network I ever joined. I started reading and learning more about affiliate marketing on warriorforum . I was still a noob to affiliate marketing and had no idea how it worked back then… But one fine day, freelancer.com banned my account (which I retrieved after one year ) and my only source of income was gone … Again from hero to zero … Now my only hope was affiliate marketing, so I started affiliate marketing with all my efforts because this was the only option I had to survive.

How I started out with affiliate marketing

Again I was left with zero money so I started out from zero investments, I joined maxbounty network and a few free hosting sites. As I had no money at all to buy hosting/domain . I started off with yahoo answers and was doing like $20-$30 per month. Meanwhile an internet friend of mine who was also new to affiliate marketing gave me one hosting account as a present, Guess what I did ? I started a GPT site and promoted it using yahoo answers and monetized it through CPALEAD and that awesome script made me enough money to support my family and also made me enough money to get into 7search PPC. Advertising networks, one thing lead to another and I started making good money …

Internet monies and Pakistan

Things started getting bigger and conditions in Pakistan started to hurt my business , Banking problems , recent tax hike , No electricity and a few other conditions started hurting my business bad. Just imagine about taxes if you make $5000/ Month you are expected by government to pay $2000 as tax when government won’t do anything for you but kill your business. With banks, they will treat you like you are their slave and companies which wont facilitate you even if they are charging you a fee. That led me to think about other alternatives including Thailand, Singapore, Hong kong (Forget UK/USA/Canada they wont let people from Pakistani enter their soil easily) . And finally my search stopped at UAE.

Why Dubai?

burj khalifa , Dubai
burj khalifa , Dubai world`s tallest building

To be precise my company Kj Rocker F.Z.E is registered in Ajman and my office is in Ajman too however I decided to live in Dubai so I prefer to tell my location people as Dubai instead of Ajman (Another emirate (state) in UAE . The reason I decided to relocate to Dubai or UAE was because I feel I have more opportunities here more than any other country . The reason is because small businesses in Dubai are mostly not affected by global recessions (LOL, I was an idiot( For thinking this)- edited 27/11/2020. Hello Covid19, making this edit whilst I have nothing else to do under lockdown in the UK ( I moved out of UAE in 2019) 😀), yes there are a few factors but UAE is in a better situation than other countries because of tourism industry and OIL . Businesses here are making tons of money and they do spend money and they appreciate new ideas and new methods.To be very honest UAE, specially Dubai is totally untouched when we talk about affiliate marketing and there are a few industries have huge potential.

The other reason was their policy, To appreciate businesses to invest in their country and do business on their soil. For affiliates from all over the world specially Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, Dubai is a heaven with no taxes and every facility they don’t enjoy in their own country.

My future AIM

My aim future plan is to expand and also start on local level business in terms of marketing consultancy and also focus more on affiliate marketing. i want to grow my business. I am a small business owner at the moment and my AIM would be to grow my business to a make a name and mark I the IM industry, I hope to continue to support my family and in the future work with different people and companies to build my own full blown company,above all the money and reputation I aim for success and to be able to help and serve humanity in any possible way ..

Keep visiting to read about my upcoming ventures as i will post more about this topic in coming days . Have anything to say ? questions,suggestions or anything ?  use comment box below !

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