Record Breaking Digital Holiday Season Predicted by Adobe

Most people think about Adobe as the company that makes their favorite PDF readers, but they are much more than that.  In fact, Adobe’s marketing cloud is used by the vast majority of the top online retailers in the US.  Using the data gathered from this, Adobe puts together a report each year that predicts the digital shopping trends for the holiday season.  This report, titled, “Adobe Digital Index 2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions” is used by many marketers to help them make advertising decisions.

Record Breaking Digital Holiday Season Predicted by Adobe

This year’s report was just released and it is looking very good for retailers, brands and marketers.  Last year’s digital holiday season was record breakings, and this year is shaping up to be even better.  The report predicts an 11% jump in total spend for the holiday season, bringing it to $83 Billion.

There is a ton of information in the report, which is a total of 63 pages.  As you go through it you will see there are predictions and information about the holiday season as a whole, and major shopping days such as Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more.  Looking at this information you can make more educated decisions regarding your marketing efforts.

Thanksgiving Shopping

One of the biggest points in the report covers Thanksgiving day shopping.  The shopping on this day is expected to go up by 18% year over year to a total of $1.6 Billion.  This is a massive jump, and one that some people weren’t expecting.  There is something of a pushback going on concerning Thanksgiving shopping right now, but that is primarily focused on people wanting retail stores to not be open on the Holiday. This clearly doesn’t apply to online shopping.

Black Friday Shopping

Next, Black Friday is also expected to get a big bump.  Shoppers are expected to spend about 15% more this year than they did last.   This will bring the Black Friday total sales to an estimated $2.7 Billion in online sales.  This will be the second largest online shopping day of the year, according to perditions.  Of course, most of Black Friday’s sales will be generated offline, so it will remain the strongest total shopping day of the year.

Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday is predicted to be the biggest digital shopping day of the year.  Total sales are expected to go up by 12% to a total of $2.9 Billion.  Marketers will need to get their ads set up and scheduled to go live for this day well ahead of time as there will undoubtedly be massive demand for all types of digital ads.

Overall, the digital shopping for this holiday is looking extremely strong for the 2015 holiday season.  The strong growth will generate many opportunities for marketers throughout the season, but especially during the biggest shopping days mentioned above.  The report does have a lot more information that can help marketers to make the best decisions for their businesses so make sure you take a look if you haven’t already.

The Adobe report can be found HERE.

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