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If you are a regular visitor you may have noticed a change in blog design yes i did changed blog design once again i have Changed Blog Skin. This time i have also optimized this blog for mobile phones and tablet devices also as since last few months i have been traveling alot and to be honest during these times i learned how important it is to have a mobile optimized website/blog . I am planning some big changes on my blog in design and also in content also (You can expect big things coming up ) . I am still working on arranging all elements properly and enhance user experience and make blog as much user friendly as possible.

As Framework i have decided to go with Genesis Framework  by Studio press as it in my opinion is a great good choice over all other WordPress  Frameworks or it is easy for me to customize it as i am familiar with its code more then any other Word press framework available. Also it is more cheaper in price $59.95 and you can easily get its Child themes from anywhere including theme forest and Studio Press has also got some very nice child themes for Genesis Framework.

I also have worked to make my blog mobile and tablet friendly , Though i am using a  responsive theme which means it can adapt website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment.  However to make reader experience even more better i am using WP touch Pro  WordPress plugin and i am really impressed from its performance . What i really like about it is its Web-App mode which delivers a native application-like experience on iOS devices. When visitors bookmark your site it is available in standalone mode without Safari wrapped around it, and visitors can get access to your blog with click of a button .Another great  feature is its advertising options . Yes i am blogger and i do make money by displaying ads on my blog and without proper mobile advertising  solution i was losing money but now WP Touch pro allows me to target my mobile users with Mobile ads and those using tablets with ads for tablets . I am going to use same plugin in mobile CPA offer promotions also now and will surely share my experience later with you guys about it .

So here is screenshot with how my blog looks on mobile and also you can see a small popup asking users to install web app on their iPhone i love this feature and WP touch Pro really made things easy for me .

wp touch pro



I would love to hear from my readers what they have to say about design and what i can do to make you happy , If you  you have any idea or suggestion about this blog , do let me know by making comment below  and i will try to implement your idea and make it happen.


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