Lesson Learned Offline Marketing

I have been doing offline marketing with CPA marketing also as I don`t keep all my eggs in one basket. So few days ago I bought a new WSO which was about Groupon Marketing System and it Includes Website, Postcard, Sales letter, Email, as it included each and everything so I decided to set this model up for my offline marketing. My website was up and running and everything, I made few bucks out of it and everything was going good, I hired some people to email businesses who are offering deals on Groupon website.

Everything was going perfect and I was able to see some new subscribers in my mailbox and had all emails setup and scheduled , For mailing I was relying on email templates provided in WSO .
This campaign started on 1st of January and yesterday I received a never ending email with tens of documents attached from Groupon which stated that they are preparing lawsuit against me. And they also asked me to remove all content from my website which was using their Trade Mark.
Actually my website was not Using their Trade Mark at all, But what the problem there was email content As they state in email

You may or may not be aware that to publish statements of a party which would tend to lower the reputation of that party in the estimation of right-thinking members of society amounts to defamation. A trading corporation or company may bring an action for defamation in respect of a publication reflecting adversely on its trading or business reputation.
In the course of the email referred to above, you state:

These statements imply that engaging in business relations with our client is unlikely to be commercially successful. They tend to depreciate the reputation of our client in the mind of the recipient, in this case, our client’s partners and are therefore defamatory.

With that they asked me to delete all the content and pay for legal costs incurred in connection with my infringement of your copyright XXX Amount.

I simply deleted all the content immediately and contacted them back and asked them to reconsider their claim etc and they withdraw the claim for costs.

Lesson To All

Whatever you post on the internet or when emailing someone regarding marketing, Make sure you are not committing infringement of  copyright. Especially offliners relying on Groupon be extra careful. I learned to not fuck with Groupon because they will fuck you back.

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