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High five to success!!

Hey guys!! I am back.. Once again with a mountain of information for you to climb through and reach success!!

Lately I have been reading quite a lot of books about self improvment and how your very own brain can help you succeed in life. Ok, ok, you probably think “Yeah, well duh!” , but I don’t quite mean it in the way you think!

One of my recent books i read used two fictional characters as examples, they were both born with extraordinary mind power, but the book shows how ONE of them succeeds more than the other because of how he USED that brain power. Now, before I start, I am not a hypnotist or mind controller, but I want you to tell yourself one thing… YOU ARE A GENIOUS! Never forget that.

Our mind works in many different ways and sometimes it can be held responsible for how we turn out, therefore we need to take control and  use it for the better. Set yourself some life goals, where you want to be, where you want to go, and remind yourself of these, challenge yourself to BE your goals until you REACH your goals. Oh and remeber YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

A technique I used was to plaster my mirror (not literally, just the top end) with sticky note pads that had my goals or things I wanted to do that day, that year or even just that week or hour, and being a girl, I look at my mirror each morning when i wake up. You don’t have to use your mirror, what about a notice board you check every morning? stick a few on your fridge? I am not advising you to go crazy and plaster your house… But just ONE place that you look at everyday, a few sticky pads. Oh and remember YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

Okay, so thats the method but what if you are not sure WHAT your goals are? Some people like to take every day as it comes.. NO PROBLEM… set hourly or daily goals? Or just create a MENTAL picture of where you would like to be in the future, see what you have to do to get there…. Oh and remember.. YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

So here is a tip, go down to your local book shop or library and check out the books that write about achieving success, self improvement books and along with my tiny bit of input… SAY HIGH FIVE TO SUCCESS!


Thanks for reading guys! Do not hessitate to comment if you have any comments or want more information! I would be more than happy to help out if you want to know more!


Miss Rocker… High Five!

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