Well hi there again!

Hi guys!

I am back!

Firstly i would like to apologise for not blogging to you LOVELY people lately… I have been extremely busy in personal affairs, but I have lots of inspiration and tips to share!

I would like to start with a quote I heard in a meeting I attended not long ago, well a confrence.

“Patience is nto a virtue, it is a tool, a tool that is used by those who can bear it.”

My automatic thought to this was you guys in the Internet Marketting buisness, and a piece of advise KJ gave me (no doubt all of us), when i first started in the buisness.

“You can’t get rich in one day or night, it takes time and patience.” So to all of the “newbies” out there, hold on to this quote and have patience, use it, bare it and good luck in all your success!

Okay, Okay, now lets get down to it!

So as you all probably don’t know (but do now!), I am from London, and what is CURRENT and HAPPENING in London this year? THE OLYMPICS! I am very proud that not only my country, but the capital city, MY city is hosting the olympics!

So you are probablty thinking now, what and how will this help you? Well my dear freidns, the olympics will need a LOT of organisation, teamwork, spirit, training, an audience! Still confused?

Let me lay it all down, basically… ALL the above will apply to you guys too, you will need to be organised (*cough* KJ *cough*), may need to work with a team, you will definetly need a good and lively spirit! and need an audience. So I am going to research each of these area’s, linking it BACK to the olympics, but the main structure of my blogs will be on how you can improve on each of the above and many more!

So here is the deal… As I like to keep you guys informed on what’s happening, I will consult with KJ on my future blog plans, and hopefully in a few weeks, I will click on some of my tips and OLYMPIC STYLE blogs.

My main aim for involving the olympics is to inform you guys about what is going on where I AM, but also help you out a little, because I (amongst MANY others i am sure) am SO exited about London hosting the olympics 😀


Peace out guys!!


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