What i do with my savings

Its been over a a week i didn’t shared anything on my blog . First of all i`d like to tell you guys that i celebrated my 22nd birthday on 5th of may and it was an amazing day and  i enjoyed it a lot .

Coming back to title of my blog this week i was busy with making most out of my savings and for this i really worked hard but it was all worth it . As i don`t like money just sitting in my accounts it just irritates me . As i  invest my savings  in Forex trading  , This time i decided to give some time to Stock  trading and make good figures out of it .

Trading = buying /selling

Stock trading is all about buying shares at lower rate and sell at high rate  . It can be very profitable business if you do it in rite way . I usually use etoro Forex Trading website  and use their guru copying feature ,using this feature you can exactly copy gurus on etoro Forex trading website  who are making killing .  All you have to do is to goto  etoro website and visit their social community . (all gurus are also paid for copiers so this mean if you copy a guru and you made profit guru will also be paid from etoro( you are charged $20 of you want to use copy feature )
What i do with my savings
But here is what i have learned so far after following many people and making nice cash on  etoro , Never ever copy a single guru because they can make mistakes too and if they did some mistake and suffered loss in trade than you will have to also suffer loss so what i do s that lets say i have $ 1000 to invest instead of only copying just one guru i will copy at least ten of them and invest $100 on each .Also while choosing market be careful i feel comfortable to work with Oil Market but it is considered as one of the most risky markets and sometimes to sell your stocks at a  good profit you will have to wait for market price to go high (may take time ) …


If you are thinking to invest in stocks i would advise you to first of all do monitor prices (about market your are going to enter
)for some days before getting your feet wet and also i would appreciate if you signup through my affiliate link here (if you do so i will be credited with $50 in my account which will help me to buy ,more oil stocks :P)

I would also advise you to start with low budget and never ever ever invest all your savings at once until you are not experienced enough .. The lowest budget required by et0ro is $50 and you can easily get started from it ..


I will share more tips in my coming articles


Comments and suggestions are always welcomed 🙂

What i do with my savings

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