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How to Create Profitable Mobile Apps – 7 Tips to Consistently Make Money with Your Mobile Apps

Hey guys so I have decided to also cover other niches and way to make money online as well apart from CPA Marketing so here is the first article about how you can create profitable mobile Apps.

How to Create Profitable Mobile Apps

With billions of smartphone users around the world, thousands of app developers have earned millions of dollars from their apps. Do you want to be one of them? Well, you might not be able to earn millions from your apps, but at least you can earn consistent income from your mobile apps. Here are some tips that you can follow to create profitable mobile apps that will allow you to consistently earn money with your mobile apps:

  1. Create Two App Versions: Free and Paid

First of all, you can maximize your income potential by creating two versions of your app. The free version will allow your audience to download your app and see the app quality for themselves. You will need to monetize the free app version with advertising or in-app purchases, depending on the type of your app. The paid version of the app will be the full version of your app, which allows your audience to use your app free of advertising. You should also add various premium-only features in your app in order to encourage your audience to upgrade their free app.

Please note: Create your apps with one vision in mind. You have to understand what you are going to offer with your app before going further into creating the two app versions.

  1. Target Your Audience Carefully

What is the type of audience that you are targeting? Who will be the primary users of your apps? Depending on your audience, you will be able to monetize your app differently. For instance, if your goal is to target business users, you can price your app a little more expensive than the app that is targeted toward teenagers. Also, if you are targeting business users, you can simply create a monthly subscription model for your app, instead of one-time purchase. Thus, you can get a reliable income stream from just one app.

Please note: Each type of audience has a different ideal monetization method. If you look for quantity, you can depend your app monetization fully on the advertisements that you put inside your app.

  1. Use Good Advertising Networks

There are various mobile advertising networks that you can use to monetize your mobile apps. Some of them offer high payouts, while some others offer only small payouts for the advertising that you put on your apps. The key to earn good income from your apps is to use the right advertising network for it. When you choose a mobile advertising network, make sure that you choose the one that is proven to provide the best payout for the publishers. Also, make sure that the network receives a good amount of new ads from advertisers daily.

Please note: It would take time for you to find the best advertising network that you can use. It involves a little bit of trial and error on your part.

  1. Spread Your Apps to Multiple Platforms

Nowadays, you are leaving money on the table if you create an app only for one platform. It would potentially bring you greater earnings if you create an app for multiple platforms. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to release your app to all platforms at once. For instance, you can choose to release your app to the iOS platform for starter, just to see whether it will attract a lot of users on that platform. Then, once it is proven that your app is attracting a lot of users, you can expand your app distribution to another platform, such as Android. If your app is also attracting a good amount of users on Android, you can create the Windows Mobile version of your app.

Please note: If you want to maximize your revenue potential, you have to be willing to maximize your app distribution to multiple platforms.

  1. Impress Your Audience with Your Free App

The free version of your app should be able to attract your audience’s interests to keep it installed on their devices. Make sure that your app is unique and useful for your audience. It is also important for you to make your app smooth and easy to use. Your goal should be to satisfy your audience with the free version of your app, so that they will not uninstall your app right after they have installed it on their devices.

Please note: You monetize your free app with advertising that you put within your app. The more often your users use your app, the better your chances to earn more money from your app.

  1. Make It Compelling for Your Audience to Upgrade to Paid Version

The way you structure your free app will affect your success in encouraging your audience to purchase the paid version of your app. Make sure that you allow your users to use regular features in the free app, but you have to keep the special features only for those who upgrade to the paid version. These special features should give more functionalities to your app, and they should allow your app users to experience the full version of your app. Don’t lock the features that your users will not likely need to use regularly.

Please note: Pricing the paid version of your app is also important. If you price it too high, your audience may not be willing to spend their money on your app. But, if you price it too low, they might perceive your app to be low quality.

  1. Place Your Ads Carefully

While it is true that you are making money from the ads that you place in the free version of your app, you have to ensure that you are placing your ads in the right place. If your ads disturb your app users a lot when they are using your app, they will likely uninstall your app and find another similar app to replace it. So, you have to place your ads carefully. It has to be visible to your users most of the time, but you have to keep it unobtrusive.

Please note: Avoid using excessive pop-up ads in your apps, since this is one of the most annoying types of ads that you can place in your app.


After learning the tips above, are you ready to start creating profitable mobile apps that will give you consistent income?

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