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Success story of a student featured on Box Of Ads Blog Read it here

When ever people reach me out for coaching my answer is always same, Its not me its you who will make this coaching successful by putting all your efforts and giving your 100% to what you are doing. No matter pay 100k or 1k for coaching its you who can make your campaigns successful no matter when, I have had any people who made nothing at all and those who did achieve success just because of the fact that they worked hard and tried their best …

CPA Success story | $400k In profit

cpa coaching
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CPA Success story | Amazing ROI


CPA Success story | 225% ROI

Kj rocker cpa coaching testimonial
Another successful story !

Another CPA Success story


3 Months after Coaching | Rolling $10k/Month

earn 15000 a month

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CPA Success story | $500 profit a day! (15k/Month)

Another student is changing his life ..


CPA Success story | Yet Another student making stable $400/$500 profit a day

cpa affiliate success story

CPA Success story| profit of $120 after coaching.

Another success story from India is you can read below :

What can i say.  One day I was on Kj’s blog and randomly landed on his one to one coaching page. I thought I will just send a mail to him with my questions without any honest intention of taking the coaching. He answered back within an hour with detailed answers to all my questions, at that very moment I realized that he is no typical IM guru and really wants to help. I just couldn’t resist and started coaching with Kj around a week back and I knew very little about PPV Marketing.The great thing about KJ is he understands your needs and standing in PPV and marketing in general and molds the coaching according to it. He explained everything step by step and always encouraged me to ask questions.He treated me like a friend throughout and was always available on skype for help even after the sessions. We have just had 5 sessions till now and in last two days I made a profit of 120$. Till now I had always lost money in all my IM ventures. Therefore it is so so special for me. Kj taught me that if you are failing, find out the reason behind it and correct it and then you are sure to succeed. Now, I will work on making profits consistently and scale as I go ahead.I now wonder if I hadn’t come to Kj how many more months of frustration lied ahead. I could go on and on but then that is for another day. 🙂

CPA Coaching
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Shloka Raaj from India

Testimonial from UK

Juro Egresi -London

“My one-on-one coaching session with KJ was really an eye opener!  KJ takes the time to understand your level of knowledge and then helps you go through the entire cycle of CPA marketing with ease; devoting enough time to strengthen your weak points. There is a lot of difference between our perception as to how CPA marketing works viz a viz How it actually works! And there is only one way to learn this- that is a One-on-One session with a successful marketer like KJ.  I would strongly recommend KJ’s One-on-One coaching to anyone who would want to be successful in CPA marketing.” Sajad  From India

Finally I started  making money after 2 years

“I want to say thank Khawar J for his coaching. I wonder why I don’t know him early?
He save my time, He change my mindset about ppv, So I can make money now.
Thank you very much”- Huy Ngo Quang

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now my campaign is about 250 – 300% ROI making me about 100$ a day and i didn’t even scaled it yet!

Andrawis Nasser roi“I just have one thing to say ” BEST COACHING EVER ” i am serious and no he did not pay me to say that 🙂 , after the  coaching session, now my campaign is about 250 – 300% ROI making me about 100$ a day and i didn’t even scaled it yet , if you don’t think this private coache for you i guess ppv is not for you PERIOD.” – Andrawis Nasser Egypt 


“I did the seven day Private PPV coaching with KJ and it was fantastic… completely opened my mind to PPV and affiliate marketing. The way you approach each aspect of affiliate marketing and target your market is the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one. I learnt more from KJ in these seven days than from the several courses I studied all put together, plus he takes the time to answer specific questions and improve on ideas. This has made me think of PPV in a completely different way. Two thumbs up!”  – Clara Hollins –  Geelong  Australia

“After being coached 1-on-1 for 7 days by KJ I really feel a lot more confident in all of my affiliate marketing efforts. KJ not only helped me better understand the ins and outs of the affiliate marketing game, but he also took the time to go with me through my own PPV campaigns, helped me optimize them for conversions and scale them by helping me come up with new angles and targets. He also showed me his trademark conversion boosting techniques & scripts as well as his top performing landers and funnels. That alone was invaluable. He also managed to open up my mind and get me thinking out of the box, which is crucial if you want to succeed not only with PPV, but affiliate marketing in general. KJ is an awesome teacher and an overall great guy, so if you really want to start making money online, I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity to learn from him.” Stanisław Bogacki From Poland


I would like to take this opportunity to write a self initiated testimonial for KJ’s 1-1 coaching program.

You see, I have been trying to make IM work for the past couple of years and been a member of several forums to learn the trade. However, newbies being newbies, we always encounter a lot of issues, be it applying techniques or a simple technical issue with the servers. The road for a newbie was never an easy one and I gave up several times, only to find myself coming back to start from scratch again.

Then I started to wonder, should I get professional coaching customised to my needs and capabilities? This very question led me to KJ and I am very happy that it was the best investment that I have made for myself on getting proper and effective coaching.

KJ is a serious coach, takes time to understand and customise his training accordingly so we can keep in pace and improve over time. He is able to explain in terms which we, newbies, can understand with ease. Under his coaching, I am seeing myself more productive and a better mindset towards this business. I can’t wait to see what I can achieved when KJ finally expose all his trade knowledge to me. The sky’s the limit.

So, moral of the story, would I recommend anyone, regardless of their experience in internet marketing, to KJ’s coaching program? Hell yeah.” Daniel Ong From Singapore

cpa coaching
Message from Daniel

As a newbie in affiliate marketing, I was searching for a coach to learn about PPV, what I learned was not only about PPV but the fundamentals of CPA marketing and the mindset of a successful affiliate/individual. KJ helped me understand what I needed to learn and what I needed to implement immediately. His 7 day coaching is really great for a newbie or an advanced marketer. There were many technical hurdles that stopped me as a newbie from implementing but KJ gave me the necessary tools and resources to overcome those challenges. KJ showed me exactly how to setup a campaign from scratch and gave me the confidence to create a campaign by myself right away. I highly recommend his coaching, as he’s extremely knowledgeable, generous, and will help you in any way possible! Andy Duong

cpa coaching reviews

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