How Amazon Marketed itself through one simple video

I hope you have watched the Amazon Prime Air about Amazon`s plans to introduce drones to deliver stuff at your door steps. This video was widely discussed on  almost every news website and video went viral all over the world , Facebook , twitter everyone was talking about it , And it also made place on all top news websites and ended up getting 12,501,294 over all views views and 10,878 comments alone on YouTube.

When others are thinking about how amazing the technology is, imagining drones  delivering stuff at their door steps. I am thinking about the genius marketing team at Amazon . Who introduced this video at a perfect timing when its just beginning of  shopping season and people have their credit cards in their hands to start shopping and buy stuff for Christmas.

This is a perfect example of out of the box ideas , You don`t need to spend millions on promoting and advertising your product instead just one simple video can get you millions of traffic and can get you featured on news channels all over the world.  No matter Amazon is able to implement this concept as there are going to be many legal problems , But Amazon has achieved its target by releasing this amazing video  .

At the end i`d let you watch it once again.

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