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Tools and Resources That Will Add Expertise to Your Writing

Content that is well-written is appreciated in any business interaction. The opposite is also true, i.e. content that has spelling errors, which is not easily understood or seems misleading in any way, could mean doom for your business profitability, image, and trust-worthiness. This is why your writing skills need to be at an expert level to make the best first impression.

Now writing can be tough for those who don’t do it for a living or write regularly. But there are two ways to get better at writing – to the point of being an expert. One, with some amount of discipline and the will to learn, almost anyone can be a good writer. And second, using tools and resources that will add expertise to your writing, could make writing less intimidating for those who wish to up their writing ante – in a shorter period of time.

Let’s focus on the first way, first; there are a few basics of writing, giving importance to which can easily make your content look professional and almost flawless.

To be an expert writer – the first way forward

  • Write to communicate, not to reach the assigned word count: It’s quite grimacing to read all those fluffed-up pieces; feels like I’ve wasted my time on such a web page when I should’ve just gone over to the more trusted ones. They know what they want to communicate, and write to the point. Their passion for communication leaks through the content and that’s what your writing should be about too. If you find yourself feeling gloomy about a particular piece, set it aside and do some more research instead; but don’t just write because you have to.
  • Help another writer: If research isn’t your thing or you simply don’t feel like having it on your plate right now, go ahead a help a fellow writer and editing their work instead. Believe it or not, I’ve always learned more about my own writing when I’m sitting there, editing their work.
  • Write something for yourself, every day: Call it a therapy or call it what you will, writing every day and only for yourself will help you let out a lot of steam. When you find it challenging to focus on other work, doing this can help you realign yourself, regroup and then come back full force to work on what you need to!
  • You don’t need a pen or a keyboard to write: There will be times when instead of writing, you’d want to do the dishes, or tidy up your desk. Well, it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time; apart from the joy of having clean dishes and a clean desk to work on, you can actually spend that time phrasing out your work in your head while you do the chores.
  • Join a group: Being in the company of other writers, sharing your work, getting feedback, giving feedback is, all in all, a learning experience – especially if you are just starting out. There are ample opportunities to correct your work before you get reprimanded by your editor, client, teacher or mother.

To be an expert writer – use tools and resources to improve your style

Whether you write for a living or not, writing is an integral part of any business; take email, for instance, the content for it also needs to be error-free and make complete sense to the reader. Good writing goes beyond just good spelling and grammar, though.

As is the case with everything else, we now have apps and technology to help you write easily and efficiently. When you start using these tools and resources, you no longer need to spend half your day carefully drafting that email or days working on that blog post.


  • SkyWord: If you were considering outsourcing your writing jobs, then Skyword could be a very useful resource. They have over 2000 writers associated with their community and the editors at Skyword carefully handpick the writers that are best suited for your projects or assignments. Skyword already has a plethora of big-time clients such as Lowe’s, Transunion, among others so you know that this is a trusted company to be associated with. If you are a writer, then this platform is one of the best paying in the industry. You could join them for free, create a profile and wait for them to send you ‘programs’ to work with. The industry experience working with high-flying clients could help you improve your writing style and enrich your existing portfolio.
  • Atomic Writer: This app has five-star reviews and over 1500 users so far. It is a very useful tool that corrects your content before you hit publish and ensures that the content resonates correctly with the target audience. It gives you instant feedback on how easy or hard the readability of your content is, the language of course and the level of engagement your content currently has. It also has a free chrome extension that prompts you about these corrections instantly.
  • Cliché Finder: Clichés can be a good thing to communicate to a broader audience, but when used too much, makes your content seem less original. As writers, we could use clichéd phrases over and over, without even being aware that we’re doing it. Well, readers can easily spot the not’s – that is if you haven’t proofread your content thoroughly before publishing it. Cliché Finder is a very useful tool to spot those overly used phrases, even if they are just a few in your work, or too many.
  • Dragon Dictate: This tool makes you write much faster than you would usually, how? Well, it’s a dictation app where you can recite what it’s in your head, and it uses its voice-recognition skill to type what you have to say. You may have to go back and make some edits, of course, but overall it can save you a lot of time.

Tools for RESEARCH:

  • InboundWriter: If you were unsure if your content can really hit the mark or not, you can use this tool that helps you identify whether your content is capable of generating enough traffic, and ultimately find you some converts. You don’t just need long content in the hopes of creating traffic; you can generate much the same and even more, with less content – using this tool. Well, this tool helps you identify the right content before you create it. This application will scan your website and select the content that stands out. Then it can give you insights on what kind of content would work for your website!
  • Paper Writing Service: Even the most diligent and the smartest students have been guilty of sing an essay writing service at some point during college. It’s the fact that these students simply have a lot of essays to write. These services have professional writers who can comply with any kind of assignments, on a myriad of subjects.
  • Scribe: This is a very useful tool that helps you write content that can be really successful, even before you write it. Once you’ve written the content, according to their recommendations, Scribe also suggests a wide array of topics and keyword phrases that can be really successful. Apart from the research help, Scribe will also analyze your current site and suggest changes that will only move your content forward. They also off link building services and helps you identify guest writers, strategically crosslinking to your advantage.

Tools for COLLABORATING with Writing and Editing Professionals

Remember one thing that even though you’d find great writers even at the lowest of fees, it’s important that you ultimately work on the purchased content before making it yours.  The final piece will still need your style and voice to it before it’s published.

  • Reedsy: This is a publication related website that has curated other professionals like editors, publishers, and designers to help you get the same quality with that of a traditional publication house. Self-publishing is just made easy by this startup.
  • Zerys: This tool is another content writing marketplace where you can get associated with professional writers and authors directly. You can manage your funds, writers, and projects all in one place.
  • Poetica: This is a cute and free web-based application that instantly points out errors in your writing, much like the Google Doc or word, but cuter. The red lines can get very messy if there is a lot recommended to edit – which is a good thing if you ask me because that way you’ll have a much better output of your content that is professional and effective at the same time.


Who doesn’t appreciate good content that has visuals! The point you are trying to make goes across faster, and the reader is happy that the message delivery coming from visuals takes much less of their time.There are many apps now out there who can help you create an infographic in no time! But then, good infographics require a lot of time and effort to make the point.

  • ly: This is again a web-based tool that is helping content creative from everywhere make infographics in a much faster and easier fashion. All you need to do is pick the theme, put in the text and you have your infographic at a click of the submit button!
  • Storehouse: This is another great tool that will help you tell your story through visual, pictures to be more precise. You can make a collage, add text and the design that comes through in the end, is polished, sharp and of very high quality. This app is for only iPhones though. It’s a social tool but can very well be used for both personal and business purposes.
  • Quozio: Here is another great social media tool that can instantly give your text meaningful and appropriate images to make an effective graphic content for your blog, or other communications. The images offered in this tool are quite commendable compared to the ones found in the free apps.

Nicole Stansley is a digital marketing strategist for Write My Essay service and a freelance writer. Nicole is an expert in content and mobile marketing, as well as business writing. Her area of interests includes though is not limited to educational, writing, self-development, motivation topics, marketing and apps. Reach her out on Twitter.

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