Why socializing with other entrepreneurs is important for your business

Personally i am not a very social person, however in my 4 years experience of running a successful business, What I have learned is that it is that socializing with like minded people is one of the biggest KEYS to success. No matter what industry they are working in, meeting new people always leaves you with new ideas that you can implement to succeed. Most of affiliates who are working from home sometimes limit themselves  and never participate in any kind of social gatherings… but that needs to change!

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Meeting new people (regardless of what industry they are in) always teaches you something new, Being an affiliate doesn’t mean you can only join affiliate marketing related events, You can attend many other events, meetups, workshops for example Leadership Development workshops, Advertising events and workshops or entrepreneur workshops etc. The basic idea is to meet other people attend events and learn something new from them. Sometimes affiliates only consider only those events which are only related to affiliate marketing but the truth is being an affiliate you will have to master many other skills as well.

The reason is as an affiliate you are doing all the roles which are required to run a business. For example when you are starting out you will be doing the role of campaign manager, Creative designer and developer, Accountant  and so on…  And for all these roles you will have to learn these skills, To run a successful affiliate marketing or Performance Marketing business you don’t only need to create marketing strategy but also you will need to organize yourself and learn all these skills in order to run a sustainable business. So there’s two basic reason socializing can help, learning skills and getting fresh ideas. Below are the Top 5 reasons socializing can help YOU succeed in ways you may not have thought of.

Mind stimulation

Socializing allows your mind to be active and constantly on the ball, many scientists believe socializing is a mental activity that works with our gray matter, which is important as we age!  When one is engaging in conversation, presentation or even part of a group discussion in the form of a lets say game or group activity, your brain actively processes everything around and is stimulated. Without going into science, psychology and all that, Socializing is mind stimulating in many different ways and situations and this is important for us because a lot of us work from home, alone or with a “virtual team”, so we need to keep our minds stimulated.

It allows you to carry a more positive attitude

Socialization allows us to carry a more positive attitude in the sense of gaining new ideas, positive socialization with like minded people and friends allows us to have a happy character. Again linking slightly to psychology, many theorists have stated that we are born with an egocentric mind and as we grow socializing aids us to broaden this to understand others. Socializing allows us to find feelings, discover others. Many studies and life situations show people are more positive when in a group of people or with at least one other person than when alone.

Familiarizing with different methods

When you socialize with other people you get different kinds of methods people use in their business, You get to know new techniques and technologies people use to increase their profits. Sometimes when you are working from home, Because of no social activities your mind is limited to only what you think and there is lack of ideas , but when you are out there socializing with other people it is a great way to learn how they conduct their business and adopt and implement their bets techniques and methods in your own business. For example being an affiliate socialization can really help one to find new exclusive traffic sources and learn about experience of people about that traffic source who actually used it .

Constructive criticism

I love this bit, When I meet someone or talk to them about my business I ask for their feed back and ask them for any suggestions where  I need improvements. When ever i meet someone who is experienced with online marketing I always try to make most out of my time and get as much information and tips from them as possible, And discuss what I am doing and ask them what they would do if they were in my shoes. This technique always works and I end up with many ideas and ways i never thought of.

A little bit selfish… but free publicity and branding.

Personal branding is something every entrepreneur needs Because that is the best way to keep yourself ahead of the competition, And  ithelps you to expand your network.  It is one of the best ways to meet new people, tell them about yourself and what you do. . This is the reason you will find many people in conferences and vents , Because they need publicity of themselves and their brands.

So, I wish you all the bet in your socializing ventures, next time you come across an event or opportunity to socialize in a new environment, grasp it with two hands. It could be the fresh start or kick you need, or maybe the little bit ore energy to move onto to something new!


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