Creating mini niche websites to promote CPA offers

Thinking to promote CPA offers by creating mini niche websites ? let me tell you something , If you are thinking to make some quick bucks i would definitely not recommend you to go for creating mini niche websites , Because all they require is patience and a lot of patience. Yes not days it takes months. So if you are patient , Welcome to this amazing method which is the most effective most reliable way to promote CPA offers , all it requires from you is a little more time in starting and after website is established it can fill your pockets with real $$$$ .

 promote CPA offersS.E.O is mother of all traffic over internet . Even if you buy traffic from some where at that website at that platform traffic is driven using S.E.O .

So what are the steps to create a mini niche CPA Offers promotion website  ?

Niche Selection:

If you are new to this word you can find definition of word niche on Wikipedia anyways , I prefer high paying CPA Offers and most important Ever Green offers that means offers which are available for you to promote for long time so once you are ranked on Google you bank good $$$ .

Keyword research :

Keyword research is most important factor as this is the keyword on which your entire plan is based , If you choose wrong keyword you are not gonna get success . and let me tell you here that by success i mean making place on Google`s first page nothing less than that . So what should be in your keyword

Your keyword should have

  • low competition
  • Good number of traffic

Domain selection:

Your main keyword should be your domain and it should be in .com if not available you can go for .org and than for .net or even if its still not available you can add one word as suffix or prefix in domain .

On Page Optimization:

by On Page optimization i mean your website title should contain your main keyword , Than same in description specially try to adjust keyword in start and the end of meta description .

Content :

Content is king , Unique content is what Google loves and that is what makes you money , Try to review offer you are promoting in your articles. In my experience review style offers convert very well as compared to creating websites and converting them by displaying banners etc.. Keep posting unique content and Google will love you .

Back links

The more back links more love from Google also do not rely only on article directories , Build back links using these families(at least two families  )

Forum profiles – one family
· Blog comments – one family
· Social bookmarks – one family
· Social media and video sites – one family
· Whois, statistics and directories – one family
· Social networks and micro blog sites – one family
· Blogs and contextual links – one family
· Lens, hubs and wikis – one family
· Article directories – one family
· Press release and news/media – one family


Do Not get scared of Google, Take Google as your friend and Google will love you all you need is to be Google`s good boy and keep posting unique content .

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