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Tricks to Make Your Content More Compelling and Highly Converting

Writing compelling content is the first step to achieve successful product promotion. It doesn’t matter whether you promote your own product or other people’s product. If you can’t write compelling content that will persuade your readers to take action, you’ll not be able to make money promoting that product. Here are 5 tricks to make your content more compelling and highly converting:

Smart problem solving

You are writing your content to help your readers to solve their problem. But, your readers have also read similar content somewhere else. What can you do to make your content appealing to them, although you’re giving them the same solution for the same problem? The answer is to give them smart problem solving tips. It means that you need to give your readers unique tips that is better structured and better organized to solve their problem effectively. In this way, you’ll be able to compel and persuade your readers to solve their problem right away.

Emotional feeling

Your readers will become more excited in reading your content if you can stir their emotion along the way. For instance, if you’re writing content to solve their weight problem, then you can write something like: “I really hate weight loss because it makes me feel bad. When I see myself in the mirror, I want to scream and crush that mirror because of the image it displays in front of me…” This is the way you stir your readers’ emotion. And it will be effective enough to persuade them to take action.


Appeal to your readers’ imagination if you want to connect with them mentally. If your content can help you to connect with them mentally, they will be easier to persuade. So, if you start your content with story or analogy, it will help you to appeal to their imagination. Awaken your readers’ imaginative power. This is the way you can make your content more interesting to read.

Practical tips

Giving tips to your readers is a surefire way to make your content more compelling. But, the tips that you give to them should be practical and easily understood. For instance, you can’t give your readers unreasonable tips. Your readers need practical, simple, and easy to understand tips in order for them to take action immediately. If you give them tips that are impractical or too complex, your content will only become a piece of writing without any usefulness for your readers.

Appealing graphics

Lastly, you should insert appealing and relevant graphics that can make your content more interesting to read. Blocks of texts will make your content look boring to read. So, if you write 1000 words content without any image, it will look boring to read, especially if you don’t put subheadings for your content. You need to split your paragraphs and give subheadings for your content in order for your readers to read it easily. Moreover, it is better to give appealing graphics to present your content better to your readers. It will boost their interest.

Those are 5 tricks to make your content more compelling and highly converting. If you put those characteristics in any content that you write, you will turn that content into a good and appealing content that can generate more sales for your product.

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