B2B Advertising Showing Massive Growth in Surprising Area

All marketers know that Facebook has quickly become one of the largest ad networks on the Internet.  In addition, Facebook has a massive amount of information on all their users, which means they can offer very targeted advertising opportunities.  Something that most other networks simply can’t offer.  This detailed information makes Facebook a great option for anyone who is looking to market their products or services to individual consumers.

B2B Advertising Showing Massive Growth in Surprising Area

That is why many people were surprised to read that Facebook’s B2B ads are growing at twice the rate of other segments.  This is according to a survey from AdRoll.  The B2B marketing budget for this year is expected to be approximately $77 billion of which Facebook only brings in a small fraction (Facebook’s total revenue is around $12 billion).

With this in mind, Facebook will almost certainly be making even more of an effort going forward to attract more B2B advertising clients. Over the past year they have been able to successfully grow this part of their advertisement client profile quite significantly so it seems likely that this will continue through the next year and well beyond.

The reason many people don’t realize that Facebook is becoming such a major player in the B2B advertising area is that it simply isn’t as ‘sexy’ a topic.  The numbers aren’t as easy to understand, especially for those who aren’t also deep into this industry.  Since Facebook is constantly releasing ‘news worthy’ updates and changes, most people don’t really look close into this part of their business.

The fact is, however, that B2B could very well begin to generate a majority share of their revenue in the not too distant future.  There is a massive amount of opportunity for Facebook and they are clearly working hard to take advantage of it.

Of course, Facebook will continue to work on attracting B2C advertisers as well.  This has been where they initially found a lot of success and with the shift toward mobile they are doing even better than most competitors.  This is because Facebook is a naturally mobile platform, unlike many other ad networks.

No matter how Facebook grows in the coming years, marketers need to be aware of how they can take advantage of Facebook advertising opportunities.  This will almost certainly be an area where you can enjoy a great return on investment whether you’re looking to make direct sales or simply bring your company more attention from other businesses.

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