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Unlocking the Secrets to Higher Conversions: Our Honest Review of Conversion Rate Academy (+ Exclusive Discount Code!)

It’s been a long time since I reviewed a course or a product on my blog. The reason was that I hadn’t come across any good quality product for a while. Also, I’m not particularly eager to review products or courses unless I believe in them, so that has kept me away for a while now. 

I was approached by Oliver Kenyon a few days ago, who introduced me to his new Conversion Rate Academy project. 

Before I continue, let me tell you I have known since CPAFIX (Later became AffiliateFix) Days or even before that when we used to run Cpalead. He later sold his forum for around a million dollars to Neil Patel’s Wired Investors. Since the launch of his affiliate forum, he has helped many affiliates learn affiliate marketing and digital marketing. 

After exiting the forum, He founded ConversionWise Ltd along with his business partner Andy Haskins. He has been helping digital marketers, affiliates, advertisers and e-commerce owners with conversion rate optimization and building high-performance websites and funnels. 

Knowing all this background about Oliver when he reached out and introduced me to his latest product, I knew its precisely what I had been waiting for. 

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Never heard about the word before? I can help! Conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing your website or application to maximize your conversions and increase your conversion rates. 

It is a super important part of any media buying campaign, as you have to have well-optimized landing pages which are making the most out of your advertising budget. Shrewd marketers always focus on CRO to ensure they can squeeze the most out of their advertising spend. 

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What Is Conversion Rate Academy?

The Conversion Rate Academy is the first ever platform, as its title suggests, is all about conversion rate optimization. It is a blueprint course which shows and provides you training on how to plan, build and optimize a successful performance-oriented website or landing page. 

There are plenty of checklists and resources, for example, SOP documents and guides, available to help you and your team optimize your landing pages and websites.  

Beyond everything else, the academy also has a very active and vibrant community. Many market experts and influential names in the industry are part of the community, for example, Tim Burd, Steve Tan, Chase Dimond, Depesh Mandalia, Adam Pivko and many more.

Who Can Take Advantage Of Conversion Rate Academy?

CRO is something which every website or digital business owner should be aware of. It is super important for anyone involved in media buying, owning businesses or building websites to take a CRO course. These skills can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping you understand how to increase your conversion rates. I would highly recommend you to take this course if you are :

  • An affiliate 
  • Digital Marketer
  • E-commerce store owner
  • Lead generator 
  • website developer 
  • Performance marketer

Or if you want to polish your team’s skills and help them understand the aspects of CRO, This is a perfect training platform for your team. 

How Conversion Rate Academy Looks From The Inside?

Want a sneak peek? Let’s get started and see what CRO academy has to offer! 

Get 50% Off On Your First Month!

For my blog readers, I secured a special discount! Get an exclusive 50% off on your first month! Use KJROCKER50 coupon code at the checkout.

Dashboard/ Community Section 

Once you log in to the academy, you will see the dashboard/community section. Here you will see a list of available items. Also, you will see the community forums where users share introductions, Follow along posts where they share their progress on projects, share their wins, Ask for feedback and Share guides, case studies and tutorials. 

In the discussions section, you can discuss all the aspects of CRO, for example, foundations, design, development, copywriting, optimization etc. and general marketing discussions. 

They also have a resources section under community forums where marketplace ads, software and services, and themes and apps can be found. 

Conversion Rate Academy Dashboard
Conversion Rate Academy Dashboard


This section is about training and helping you understand the aspects of CRO. Here you will find the following sections 

Intro Section

In this section, you will be introduced to the course and given a basic guideline about the course and its parts. 

The Basics of Conversion Design

This section covers the very basics and discusses the importance of the conversion rate and also when, where and why to use landing pages

The Foundation of High Conversions

This section will help you understand how you can set a CRO goal, how to create a solid and undeniable offer, how to understand your audience and understand the consumer psychology 

The Design Blueprint

This section dives deep into how you can design a perfect and highly converting landing page. A few things they touch on within this section include how to make use of colours, Highlight Value propositions, Keep your design simple and create trust amongst your visitors.  

The Development Blueprint

This section goes into the details of the development aspects of landing pages. It touches on topics like speed optimization, responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, CTAs, Meta Info and many small things which make a big difference. 

The Copywriting Blueprint

This section is about copywriting and how to create perfect copy and helps you understand how to create a perfect value proposition, offer compelling features and benefits, and invoke emotions. 

Level up your Conversion Game

This section covers the processes you can use to increase conversion by offering upsells,cross-sells and suggestion walls, optimizing your carts and checkouts, and using dynamic conditional flows to maximize revenue. 

Testing and Optimization

This section covers the steps involved with the optimization and testing phase and how to analyze your data and create an action plan based on the collected data. 

Bonus Section

Always my favourite section where you will find the real stuff. I am addicted to creating SOPs, Checklists and playbooks for myself and the teams, and I always find it interesting how others are doing and in this section, you will find precisely that. 

Conversion Rate Academy Bonus Section
Conversion Rate Academy Bonus Section

Guides Section

Remember I mentioned earlier about the presence of industry experts? This is the section where they shine and share their knowledge and expertise with other academy members. 

Conversion Rate Academy Guides
Conversion Rate Academy Guides

Audits Section

In this section, Oliver and his team go through different websites and their designs ( Sometimes submitted by the community members for the audit ), audit the designs and provide valuable insights on how conversion rates can be improved. 

Conversion Rate Academy Audits
Conversion Rate Academy Audits

Calendar Section

Conversion Rate Academy Events/Calendar
Conversion Rate Academy Events/Calendar

This section is about upcoming live streams and events. You can also get in touch with the CRO team during office hours and ask them any questions you have, or if you are facing any issues with your designs, you can get advice from their team. 

Get 50% Off On Your First Month!

For my blog readers, I secured a special discount! Get an exclusive 50% off on your first month! Use KJROCKER50 coupon code at the checkout.

Finals Words 

As I mentioned, Conversion Rate Academy is a perfect platform for any marketer looking to increase their conversion rates or learn new skills. $97 /per month is not a hefty price to pay if you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by learning the skills to help you save your ad spend and optimize your landing pages and websites to squeeze as many conversions as possible out of your traffic. 

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