EvaDav Review 2024: Tips, Tricks, Pros & Cons

This Article is part of my new series about Push Notifications Advertising Networks, Where I invite Push Advertising Networks to share their network case studies. In this article I invited an advertiser from Evadav Push Notifications Advertising Network to share their case study!

This time we want to highlight a successful case that was achieved by an affiliate marketer out there on the internet. This person managed to earn $4716 in just a week! Isn’t that enough reason to learn from his experience?

Case details:

  • Ad Format: Push Notifications from EvaDav
  • GEO: FR
  • Campaign Period: 10/07/2019 – 17/07/2019
  • Affiliate Network: CrakRevenue
  • Offers: Adult Dating Smartlink – Multi-CPA – Responsive
  • Total budget: $1448
  • Total earned: $6164
  • Net earnings: $4716
  • ROI: 325%

Let’s dive deeper and hear from our hero himself.

What I started with

So this time I’ve decided to pick up a pretty straightforward Dating offer. The offer was picked from CrakRevenue affiliate network. I’ve never worked with them before, but I got along pretty fast.

I chose to target a Tier-1 GEO – France because there’s really no surprises with Tier-1 GEOs. CPA payment model was well known to me, I had to bring a relevant target audience and make them register, thus leaving their personal data.

The offer came with its Landing Page:

EvaDav Review 2024: Tips, Tricks, Pros & Cons
Offer Landing Page
EvaDav Review 2024: Tips, Tricks, Pros & Cons
Offer Landing Page

Nothing out of the ordinary here. A user has to enter his personal details on the main page. After that, they are asked to enter the verification code that had been sent to the provided email address. This security measure made sure that there will be no bots registering. That meant that I had to create a pre-landing page to be certain that no bots get past that or else I wouldn’t get paid for my traffic.

Getting to work

I decided to work with EvaDav because their Push Notifications and their traffic worked fantastic every time for me.

So I had to create a pre-landing page, then set up a Push Notification campaign on EvaDav.

EvaDav Review 2024: Tips, Tricks, Pros & Cons
Offer Prelander

For a pre-landing, all I had to do was a simple bot-check to make sure those don’t get past it:

As you can see, I enabled a plain age check. It was another step in audience segmentation and in making sure the traffic that I bring to the Landing is relevant.

These are examples of the creatives that I made for Push Notifications:

Very obvious here, since I’m dealing with a Dating offer: pretty girls on images and short but attractive texts – the job is done.

I made a couple of Adsets from those creatives. After that, I set up the campaign, made sure everything was correct and sent it all for moderation.

Don’t forget to install a postback between EvaDav and a tracker service. It helps with black- and whitelisting immensely. I usually work with Binom, but it’s up to you which to choose.


To be honest, I was stunned by the results myself. I got some insane ROI.

Here are my stats from CrakRevenue dashbord:

EvaDav Review 2024: Tips, Tricks, Pros & Cons
CrakRevenue Dashboard

And here are the stats from EvaDav’s Dashboard:

EvaDav Review 2024: Tips, Tricks, Pros & Cons
EVA Dav Dashboard

Look at how many impression I got on the very first day and on. Also, I’ve been sitting around 20% CTR, which proves how good EvaDav’s traffic is.

EvaDav’s stats show the traffic on the pre-landing, while CrakRevenue’s shows it on the final Landing. As you can see, there’s a ~15000 difference in clicks, which proves that my idea with audience filter on the pre-landing was successful.

I ended up with around 1.2% CR, but the total amount of traffic was really crazy so as a final financial result I got a NET $4716 and a 325% ROI.

That was my experience with EvaDav, Let me know about yours by providing your feedback !

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