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RollerAds Review (2024): All-in-one Push Ads Network 

Push notifications or push advertising have gained more popularity among affiliate marketers recently. 

They are similar to SMS alerts on your mobile and invite potential clients to purchase with just one click. These notifications usually contain a catchy title and message content in the form of an alert/announcement with 1 or 2 pictures and an external link leading to a product. 

One of the reasons why push notifications are so popular is that they appear as a brand new message on the screen compelling users to click on them instantly.

RollerAds Push Advertising Network

A majority of saturated and untapped push traffic is usually on the internet using a mobile phone. Hence, push notifications remain a highly appropriate way for media buyers to generate more leads and reach maximum users. Therefore, before selecting an advertising platform, you must consider a few factors like top-notch customer support service, budget-friendly bids with traffic quality, remarkable performance tracking and a high ROI potential

So, in this article, we’ll be reviewing a similar advertising platform known as RollerAds, one of the best push notifications ad networks in the industry that has proven to be a game changer in affiliate marketing. 

Why RollerAds?

Established in 2019, RollerAds is a self-managed online traffic source with different advertising options such as push notifications, in-page push ads and the OnClick ad method. RollerAds aims to help media buyers reach their target audience in various parts of the World.

With almost 2 billion daily advertisers and more than 10 thousand direct publishers, this platform has proven to be a game changer in this industry. This user-friendly ad platform allows entrepreneurs to promote affiliate offers by offering them high-quality traffic. RollerAds comes with an exceptional anti-fraud system to maximize your business’ outreach.

One of the key highlights of this remarkable platform is that it generates super-targeted traffic from across the globe. Keep reading to know why RollerAds might be one of the best platforms to advertise your business online

Best Platform for Webmasters & Advertisers

RollerAds Push Notification Advertising Network offers several ad publishing options suitable for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can easily promote their products or businesses by creating optimized campaigns. It has also proven to be a perfect platform for webmasters, and website owners who are in search to attain organic traffic across the globe. 

User-Friendly Interface

RollerAds is an easy-to-use platform and is best suited for beginners and advanced users. The interface of this website is minimalist and less confusing for users to explore the main features readily accessible from the page’s main menu bar at the top. The combination of blue and green colours in the interface gives a feeling of calmness and platform authenticity.

RollerAds Dashboard

The sign-up process to RollerAds is easy and only requires your email and password, and you’re a click away to create a free account. This step will lead you to the user’s interface. On the main screen of the interface will be a list of previous campaigns (if any). The left menu bar contains multiple to create and boost your ad campaigns like Reports, Tracking, Finance and more. 

Performance Tracking

One of the main features of this remarkable Push Notification Advertising Network is its server-to-server performance tracking. This allows media buyers to track the performance of your ad campaigns in real time.

RollerAds’ remarkable performance tracking strategy establishes a direct connection between its servers and affiliate tracking software.

The S2S performance tracking strategy removes the need to use external tools on an advertiser’s website or app, reducing the risk of ad blockage. Hence, the marketers only have to pay for actual conversions instead of false positives or negatives.

RollerAds Conversion Tracking

The following steps show how performance tracking works on the RollerAds ad network:

  1. The ad publisher creates a new campaign on website and sets the S2S tracking method by providing an S2S postback URL.
  2. RollerAds generates a unique ID for each conversion made at the end of each campaign.
  3. RollerAds sends a unique ID to affiliate marketers and in case of a conversion, that ID is passed back to RollerAds through a postback link.
  4. RollerAds then updates the conversion data upon receiving postback from the affiliate network.

Customer Support

RollerAds push notifications ad network stands out among its competitors in the market because of its exceptional customer support services. This platform has set up various channels to help customers through email and live chat.

There is a dedicated team of assistants to help affiliate marketers. Unlike its market competitors, the customer support team of RollerAds is readily available to serve their purchasers 24/7.

Furthermore, the customer support team of RollerAds has also included detailed documentation on their website. These resources come in handy with all the quick tricks and advertising strategies on RollerAds if you are a new marketer. The relevant and comprehensive FAQs published on the platform’s blog solve major user queries. 

Advertisement Pricing

The pricing model of RollerAds is low. For some ad formats, it starts at 0.003$ only. This model might be the top choice if you have just launched the advertising of your business. Furthermore, RollerAds offers other flexible pricing models such as cost per click (CPC) and cost per mile (CPM).  RollerAds cost per action (CPA) network also remains the media buyers’ preference. 

In this way, the advertisers can choose a pricing plan which best suits their ad campaign target and budget. RollerAds also offers its users a customizable bidding strategy. So, you can set your bids based on one or all of the factors like ad format, geographic location and device type. In this way, you can maximize the ad viewership of your target audience for a lesser cost per click. 

Rollerads Finance Dashboard

Furthermore, RollerAds comes with a wide range of payment options so that if one method doesn’t work, there is always a better alternative. These options include PayPal, Payoneer, BitCoin, WebMoney etc. However, the minimum amount of payment required by this platform is 50$ only.

ROI Potential

RollerAds has satisfied its users by maximizing the ROI potential. Based on smart advertising strategies like S2S tracking, pricing models as low as 0.003$ and real-time conversion analysis, RollerAds has managed to maximize the overall ROI potential for its customers. This platform offers high-conversion traffic resources to its buyers. This particular feature of RollerAds sets it apart from other ad-generating platforms available. 

Perks of Using RollerAds Push Notification Advertising Network

Let’s have a quick overview of the plus points of using RollerAds for push notifications Ads.

  1. With about 2 billion impressions daily, RollerAds has a wide reach across the globe.
  2. The pricing model is as low as 0.003$ which is highly affordable even for new entrepreneurs.
  3. RollerAds comes with a wide range of audience targeting options, allowing marketers to maximize their outreach.
  4. RollerAds has an authentic in-built anti-fraudulent system which ensures high-quality organic traffic for advertisers.

Top Converting Verticals

What is a Vertical?

In affiliate marketing, a vertical is simply a niche under which a particular product falls. For example, a laptop and a mobile phone both fall under the category of electronics and a moisturizing lotion or skin soap both are from the niche of fashion and beauty. In other words, in affiliate marketing, a vertical is a niche which generates more conversions for a campaign. Let’s quickly review some of the top converting verticals in affiliate marketing

Mobile Apps and Websites

According to research, mobile-friendly websites tend to have a 64% higher conversion rate as compared to other sites. Similarly, media buyers use push notifications for mobile apps to reach targeted traffic. Hence, mobile phones play a vital role in increasing the conversion rate for an ad campaign.


The core idea behind e-commerce or electronic commerce is to simply let marketers maintain their presence online. Simply put, commerce means the sale and purchase of goods and services while e-commerce involves the same process but the marketplace is the Internet. There are different types of e-commerce verticals like B2B, C2C, and G2C etc. Media buyers skyrocket their conversions by using different ad formats like native banners, display banners, push ads and social bars, and conversion rates for e-commerce verticals.


The idea of a sweepstakes vertical to gain more conversion was initially inspired by the concept of winning a lottery. This type of vertical comes with different offers such as single opt-in and double opt-in offers, CC submit where customers give their credit card details and mobile subscriptions. 

Comparative Analysis

RollerAds stands out among its competitors for several reasons such as pricing, targeting options, ad formats and its remarkable customer support services.

Pricing offers a low pricing mode for its customers of 0.003$. This model is highly affordable for new marketers or even entrepreneurs with small businesses. Unlike other competitors whose pricing model starts at 0.005$, RollerAds remains to be a priority for most digital marketers. 

Targeting Options

Compared to other platforms, RollerAds CPA network still offers multiple targeting options such as geo-targeting, OS targeting, device targeting, carrier targeting and format targeting. However, bigger platforms come with even more targeting options for

RollerAds Targeting Options

entrepreneurs with larger businesses and wide audience outreach.

Ad Formats

Some similar platforms offer push notifications ads and ad pop-ups. On the contrary, RollerAds comes with a couple of more ad formats such as in-page push notifications, and on-click ad formats. RollerAds’ native advertising strategy is a more cautious and less suspicious strategy for business promotion as this platform owns direct sponsorships of websites. Hence, the content will appear as a sponsor or recommended by this platform. However, there are some platforms which create visually more appealing advertisements.

Customer Support

RollerAds offers satisfactory customer support to its users with a lot of detailed documentation, blogs and relevant FAQs available on the website, however, some users have complained about the customer support response time during peak traffic hours. Some other platforms also offer the option of live chat available 24/7.


To sum up, RollerAds is one of the top choices for marketing your campaigns via push notifications. With its low pricing model, maximum ROI potential, a variety of ad formats and targeting options, it turns out to be the best digital marketing platform especially if you’re a beginner or have a small-scale business. With its smart and authentic built-in anti-fraudulent system, you can attain super-targeted website traffic and enhance the target audience outreach for your business.

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